DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesIs the Fit Body System of comparable value, for slimming the body and strengthening the body core, without over-stressful exercises?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We see this of equal value. As she correctly describes, staying in shape and paying particular attention to the core muscles can work wonders to prevent many painful bodily symptoms that happen essentially through neglect. It builds on the idea of stretches in keeping the body awakened and signaled that it is needed and asking it to get in proper balance, level of fit, of tension and vitalization. Many times, the cellular consciousness is the key to fitness because it needs to be given instructions to provide the local stimuli keying into physiologic regulatory changes that are needed to build up a certain region of the anatomy. And that is often best done through conscious interaction with the body in a systematic way to generate the messages via the body itself, in response to the mind. That is a natural health-promoting sequence that flows from life experience itself. The desire of the mind to have experiences and adventures and to engage with the environment for many purposes is what keeps the body reacting to things as a positive adjunct and resource. That interplay has an integral role in maintaining function into the elder years. So a program of systematic manipulation of the important parts of the anatomy, done in a daily routine fashion, are just the ticket for giving the right kind of stimulus to help the body thrive.