DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhy is my client still having redness around her nose following our subconscious channeling to work on this area of her body and its symptoms? Is there more that can be done to help her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

As you saw intuitively, this is now a problem of cellular memory. The karmic events were taken care of through the healing you requested and witnessed during your Lightworker Healing Protocol session done on her behalf. What remains is a remnant of consciousness on the part of the cells in that area of her body who have been influenced on an ongoing basis for a prolonged period of time to reflect an energetic discord corresponding to prior injuries in other lifetimes. This was simply a karmic consequence of old trauma being visited on the body in the current life courtesy of the exchange of energy emanating from the akashic record of those experiences and being projected forward as, in effect, an accident waiting to happen in order to absorb the energy and contribute in a way to return a balance to the universe for the discord created in the original event throwing the person out of alignment through the victimization, and this, as you know, involved multiple episodes, so the energies were correspondingly more powerful.

Now that the energetic signature within the akashic records has been healed and neutralized, the body is lagging behind and retaining the cellular memory of the prior instructions to gear for battle and to react to the prior trauma still, and thereby, create the symptoms of wounding, and inflammation, and suffering as best it can without an actual physical injury taking place. Nonetheless, the symptoms can be distressing and unpleasant from cellular memory alone, and are often perplexing to the physician who cannot see the karmic origin and may find many things that do not fit the array of diagnostic criteria required to fit them into a pattern appropriate for a particular diagnosis, so they are an oddity, and in some respects, an annoyance. These are often assumed to be psychosomatic and taken less seriously than they deserve. After all, suffering is suffering, and no one deserves this, except as to have a default mode of reliving old karma through ignorance that it can be healed or rebalanced in less painful fashion.

So the thing that would help her would be additional work with the Protocol to add new healing requests onto the prior work to amplify the benefits ongoing from the session. This will allow the cells to heal eventually and the symptoms, in fading more and more, will be less reinforced with conscious awareness and concern. That is always a pitfall in dealing with cellular memory—when physical complaints arise and become chronic, they become very much a part of the person and their makeup, and the more they are focused on by the mind, the more the cells receive confirmation and a validation they are doing what is expected, and this very much works against the person through a worsening of things. It is hard to ignore a symptom, but that is, in many cases, the best medicine—to not fuel it with conscious attention and focus that acts as a kind of reinforcement, and eventually the body will give up the activity as it sees a long interval of disinterest by the conscious mind in what it is doing, and then the symptoms will fade entirely.