DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaIs the phenomenon of a “stuck mindset” we’ve discussed before, really just the phenomenon of cellular memory within the brain?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is exactly what that alludes to, and you are rounding out the picture quite nicely here to pull all the disparate elements together to have a full appreciation of what this represents with respect to the mind and brain function, in particular, as the launching pad for cellular memory within that tissue. Each organ and tissue will differ in how cellular memory works and is focused, because of the particular roles they play, the functions of the cells within, and the types of injuries that may pertain to varied areas anatomically within the body. So there are many situations where the consciousness will be at a less sophisticated, more primitive level, but nothing exceeds the brain, the central nervous system itself, with respect to its reach and power to cause trouble if it develops negative cellular memory to create conflict with respect to the overall desires of the person, and this a prescription for many thorny emotional problems that are difficult to live with or to change. So this advent of replacing the cellular memory with healthy balance will be quite a boon for all kinds of emotional difficulties people experience who have the blessing of a Lightworker Healing Protocol session.