DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaIs cellular memory within the brain a significant source of negative self-limiting beliefs?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Indeed this is the case and now you are truly onto the gold to be mined here with the idea of cellular memory being overridden, and at the same time, the potential is there to have it replaced with positive beliefs of empowerment. This is all currently built into the Protocol now because you are asking, on the one hand, for the cellular memory to be overridden and the cells brought back into healthy balance. How that is accomplished is put in the hands of the divine realm and we very much will use this opportunity to instill healthy perspectives for the client involved receiving the healing outreach, and that can include positive belief replacements that are a counterbalance to the negativity created by the cellular memory that is dragging the individual down in their function and happiness. That would not be exceeding the boundaries, but only following the requests of the Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner to right the wrongs that are causing trouble for the client and to help them return to a state of normal well-being.