DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsIs there any value in the average person purchasing a bottle of holy water through Amazon and using it?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is exactly like buying a Cross. If it is used for holy purposes with a holy intent, this will be seen by the divine and the divine energy will be added to the exercise. This will not be arranged through Amazon, of course, to happen. Whatever properties are in the water itself from the blessed nature of the site, its history, and the combined intention of the millions of visitors praying and asking for a divine presence and action to be imparted by the waters for healing, this will be preserved even if the water is put in a container, shipped great distances, and sits for lengthy intervals prior to purchase. Divine energy will not fade, and use of the water will be witnessed and the divine will participate in the ritual to add to the energy in the water, according to the user’s belief quotient and power of intention they are holding for a divine benefit to help them in some way. So the product will deliver on its promise as a source of divine assistance. It is the collective belief of all involved in the enterprise that makes something happen. The divine is powerless without human intention to request its involvement. So this ritual can be thought of as a good example of partnering with the divine to carry out an operation to bestow a benefit.