DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan the future of Earth ever be “pest-free?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This can be done but will require a high level of healing for humanity as a whole. Your karma has become so intertwined with pests of all kinds that, in a sense, you are in quicksand and in danger of sinking below the surface. This has been envisioned by many writers over the years seeing the cockroach reigning supreme over the Earth when the last human is gone finally, and could well happen if the interlopers get their way in pressuring humanity to a fare-thee-well.

That need not happen. If you can heal the interlopers, the divine realm can, in addition, heal your planet of its predator problems by eliminating the scourges of all kinds. This simply will require human awareness of the unnatural state of affairs gripping the world with the many microbes and other life forms, big and small, that truly do not belong in a world designed for human beings. Things can be returned to the blissful state of origin you have pictured for you in the Scriptures as the Garden of Eden. Prayer can accomplish anything if people can act more as one with their intentions to have good things happen for the benefit of all, once the interlopers have been healed and withdraw to give you breathing room for a wider healing for humanity and your world at large.