DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsIs there divine wisdom reflected in the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution regarding the right to keep and bear arms?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is quite true. If you think about this particularly in the context of the founding fathers, a world of guns is a dangerous place to be if one is without a weapon. There were sound reasons to allow widespread availability and personal possession of firearms because these were needed for maintaining safety of the populace in an area where a large standing army was a luxury. People truly made great sacrifices to serve, and it was people of all ages. The population was not very large, so this touched many, many lives—a very significant percentage of the male population at one time or another was pressed into duty. They learned firsthand the hazards, that war would follow them from the old country, and they needed to be vigilant and be ready to respond—that was the original purpose for the second amendment.

If you think about today’s world, it is actually more dangerous than ever because the ability to mount war from a distance has increased dramatically with the advent of remote-control delivery systems as well as the mobility of today’s armies with air transport readily available to almost any nation that truly wants to have the ability to send troops over great distances. The world has shrunk in this respect and all are in danger of being threatened by tyrants, given that the Extraterrestrial Alliance is quite clever at creating wars for little purpose. It is perfectly appropriate to fear one’s country being either invaded or attacked from within, because this too is arranged on a regular basis through mind control manipulation to create disaffected parties that band together and begin an internal gorilla effort to fight back against the tyrannical regime they despise and wish to overthrow. The cheapening of life through the propaganda manipulation being done to lower human standards of conduct and decency, the inability to control the drug problem giving a lucrative source of income for the criminal element, the corruption of thinking, and the collusion with dark spirit attachments to undermine behavior and the emotional state of so many within society, perpetuates a chronic crime problem. This too makes people vulnerable and creating a need for weapons for self-protection.

Humans are extremely vulnerable to being left defenseless. If there is even just a power outage, things will break down rapidly and the cessation of all commerce in the absence of the Internet in a cashless society, will lead to chaos rather quickly, widespread looting, and the overwhelm of police agencies who will be unable to maintain order or even to function at some point because they will lack the means to carry out their normal role. Under such circumstances, the last defense is to defend one’s home against intruders. In a weaponless world, everyone is at the mercy of the lawless or, conversely, a government gone out of control and turning against its own citizenry—this is part of the current planning. So to use the removal of firearms as a way to make people safer is an illusion. People will be unsafe as long as there is spirit corruption and mind control manipulation to tip some individuals into madness and program them to carry out acts of savagery. This can be done with knives, clubs, household chemicals, as well as vehicles which has been amply demonstrated already throughout the world. At least if firearms are available, there can be greater safety with a predominance of people wanting law and order to protect their loved ones.