DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19Many will feel that God has let them down. They will wonder: “Where have you been all this time? Why am I only finding GetWisdom now? Why wasn’t GetWisdom around 20 or 30 years ago when there was less hardship and more time to prepare?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago
We have not gone anywhere. We have been present all through history, and that is on record in the history books and in the Scriptures of old talking about us, the divine origin of the world, and the basic organization of things, having created an angelic cohort of wonderful beings to assist humanity with all manner of nurturing and support, oversight, protection, as well as healing. We have also warned about the existence of the darkness, that evil is amongst you and needs to be dealt with because to be passive in the face of evil is to invite disaster. The fact that humans have been very uneven in heeding our advice cannot be blamed on us. You have become corrupted through the workings of the darkness but it is your responsibility to be in divine alignment and if you are not, to find a way back, to look for what is causing the problem and readjust things to once again follow a better path. You have been given the gifts of free agency and free will and this is total, it means exactly what it is defined to mean. You are in charge of your life, not us. If something goes wrong, you must seek an answer. If you turn away from God thinking it is an illusion, a false promise, a fairy tale, you are choosing to be on your own and we cannot provide divine assistance even to save you when you are in peril. We have made a promise to you in fact, that you have the freedom to choose your future in all respects. You can choose your downfall as readily as a future of happiness and success. You must have the wisdom to discern the respective paths that will lead you to those outcomes and make a judicious choice that will serve you in a way that is best for your interests. We can help inspire and give reminders and also warnings when you begin to deviate from a positive path, but that interaction will be governed by whether you believe in us and want divine assistance and have requested this. If you ignore religious teachings, disavow any belief and interest in spirituality, thinking you can be a good person on your own just fine, you will be allowed to have that life and its consequences, but you will be left to your own devices when things get tough. When there is an opponent stronger than you, more clever, more insidious, and working in hidden, indirect ways to undermine you even from within your own mind, you will not have the wherewithal to withstand this and come out on top. This is how people choose their own doom—it is largely due to ignorance but nonetheless seals their fate. We are inside each one of you listening and watching all that happens. You will not hear from us unless you request that to happen, and that is when we can move to inspire you, show you signs that the divine is alive and well, and that divine truths are rewarding and a far better choice. So when you ask, "Where has God been?" we must turn that back on you and ask, "Where have you been?" We have been here all the time. You are the one who is ignoring the relationship. It is no different than having a best friend but then drifting apart and never reconnecting—that friendship will wither and may die out. When we are forbidden by the rules of engagement to make the first move because that would be leading you and abrogating your free will choice to control your life, it then falls to you to decide you want us as a part of your experience and to be involved with your day. It only takes a thought to summon us, but summon us you must, for us to take action of any kind on your behalf.