DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlMore startling, in London thousands of people turned out “cheek by jowl” to protest the death of African American George Floyd while under police restraint. Not only are they turning out to protest an event 4000 miles away in a different country, with different rules, different histories, and different cultures, but they are ostensibly doing it at grave personal risk given the ongoing problem of COVID-19. How can anyone possibly think showing up for such a protest in a massive crowd where they are essentially an anonymous member, is a worthwhile use of their time and energy, especially considering the individual and collective risks presented by the ongoing pandemic?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

The common explanation these days is that such individuals are virtue signaling. This is a superficial explanation of people going to some trouble to, in effect, show the world how they think and feel about an issue through taking such visible action. What is not appreciated is that the expenditure of human capital is rarely done in situations where there is not a personal stake in the question at hand. Only when asked will they become involved in a discussion, but will not seek a way to bring that to the attention of others and take their time and energy to listen to what a person has to say. The major motivation by far in such exchanges is not an independent and logical decision to signal one’s virtue to others, it is carrying out instructions done within the deep subconscious by subliminal programming from the Extraterrestrial Alliance wanting them to act out, act up, and be a vocal advocate in some way to confront others and perceived wrongdoing or illogical beliefs believed to be wrongheaded, and that it is their responsibility to challenge such individuals and speak out and speak up. This is all orchestrated to happen and is unnatural.

There are forums for exchanging views and normally one directs one’s thoughts at someone known to have a stake in the particular controversy giving rise to a need for personal expression, so one would send a message to the institution or authorities involved in providing oversight when there is a perception of inefficiency or inadequacy or corruption as the case might be. But to blame someone in a parallel position within one’s own community for something happening elsewhere is clearly prejudiced thinking on its face, to lump them together with the wrongdoing of others. This needs to be seen on its face as evidence of mind control manipulation in action and is an insidious and all-pervasive evil in your world. It is direct evidence the Extraterrestrial Alliance is running the Earth from behind the scenes—it is the hidden hand in everything bad that happens.