DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationMrs. Smith in a letter to the author wrote, “Sometimes you make me very cross. Is it really so difficult for you to understand me? I have been trying to cope with this business for twenty years. I have never been able to get rid of it and you’d be surprised at the measures I’ve taken … I have never tried to force recollections … On the contrary, if ever I have forced myself to do anything it has been to try to forget, and the forcing did no good because I couldn’t forget.” Did the means of her death contribute to her helplessness in suppressing these memories? What was the number one reason that she was forced to live through this life—twice? Was this a form of helpless Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming directly from that time period?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

All of the above speculations apply, at least in part. This was recalled and used as an example to fulfill her divine mission precisely because it was a horrific experience that left deep wounds that were not healed during that life of tragedy. She died leaving the scars on her akashic records, and that will stand for all of time until it is rebalanced in some way that effects a healing to change the energetic signature. That is the point of it, to be a future reminder of unfinished business and the obligation to the soul to set things right, to bring things back into balance. Otherwise, one is living under a cloud and will accrue increasing negativity through the ages with multiple reincarnations, all of which may add further unhealed woundings, some repeated quite closely to the original event because the Law of Karma will often force a revisiting to similar circumstances with the intention to give people an opportunity to prevent, forestall, minimize, or avoid getting in harm’s way with a repeat challenge or, at worst, have better means to cope, and perhaps even heal the consequences and similar events from prior lives as well. The latter is an ideal outcome rarely achieved in today’s world except by those able to do deep trauma resolution work, and those are few and far between because most therapy is directed at the conscious mind level which is largely in the dark about the life history, what is truly happening, and why a person struggles, so much of the effort and focus will be off-target and largely beside the point. It might give some temporary reassurance and upliftment to be receiving the attention of a professional that is well-meaning, but it will not be capable of healing deep trauma.

So this is an issue that would have likely resurfaced, needing attention, and leading to difficulty in her life without any conscious awareness through memory that she had been burned to death in ancient times. That extra awareness was the divine assistance to help to focus attention on a clue that would help putting the story together and demonstrate this was an issue rumbling that happened centuries before when she was living in another lifetime. So this was both a divine intervention to turn her into a living witness for the consequences of trauma in past lifetimes as well as to deal with her particular personal history and situation for a particularly nasty event that truly needed help and healing, just as is true for every other human being, who all struggle with unfinished business from prior lives, and the many wounds to the soul that have accumulated.