DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersNearly all the remote viewers saw a great deal of physicality with Lucifer. He wasn’t purely physical, but had a physical persona, and luxurious physical surroundings. We know angels, and the archangels in particular, can “materialize” in the physical when needed. Does Lucifer, even in his fallen state, still retain that ability to materialize in the physical? Does he abuse this capability and has he developed a habit and even desire or obsession or addiction to do this on a regular basis, to the extent that a remote viewer would intuit this, versus visualizing Lucifer’s counterpart (not mentioned but presumed to be Archangel Michael) as being predominately spiritual in makeup?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

What the remote viewers were sensing was the identification of Lucifer with the physical plane and the fact that he was in fact dependent on physical living beings for energy and remains a parasite. So he is not living in the physical like a human being because he will not have the ongoing energy supply to do so unless there is a maintained soul connection by the divine realm allowing that to be. There must be a soul involved. As the fallen angelics are cut off, they will not be able to maintain a physical appearance for a prolonged period of time because, in effect, they are running on battery power. So Lucifer is not addicted to being associated with the physical plane, he has fallen from grace and consigned to a life in the lower astral plane of the physical by default. He cannot get back to the higher realms and is trapped, and can only make the best of things by preying on living beings for energetic support, and enjoy the remaining power to manipulate the dark cohort of fallen angelics—it is a far cry from his stature and his reach from where he started.

Indeed, any angelic being will outrank him with regard to energy and capability, still having a connection to the divine with energy to work with, and the full array of divine resources available to all for the asking. As such, Lucifer need not be feared because his power has been so diminished. This is not to say evil can be disregarded and left unopposed, it is simply to point out that evil is no match for the light, for the divine will always triumph in a head-to-head contest. The question is only whether the divine will be invited to take on evil and work to undo its consequences. That must come from beings in the physical who are aware of and believe in the divine. We cannot support those who are non-believers because the free will choice they have to disbelieve and turn away from their divine heritage must be honored—they can dim themselves. So we would say that evil has the power you are allowing and, as such, is a function of your disconnection, as much as theirs, from divinity.