DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe remote viewers said that the Reptilians were aware of the existence of Lucifer, and were great admirers while considering themselves independent of his control. Being atheists, how do the Reptilians know of Lucifer? What do they consider to be the nature of his existence and his role in the power distribution in the galaxy? Does the Reptilian leadership have some kind of ongoing conscious dialogue with him?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is an interesting aspect of the ongoing dynamics of power and control in the contest between good and evil in your galaxy. The extraterrestrials are aware of the existence of the fallen angels. It is because they are such a close match to the energy of the extraterrestrials themselves, when they leave the physical body and end up in the lower astral plane. So, that phenomenon is known to them, and they use those extraterrestrial spirits in limbo as a means of manipulating and enlisting the fallen angels to do their bidding, to weaponize them to attack the physical humans and other living beings. There is no concern about the plight of their own hapless victims of their own species who are in limbo without a body. They are callously pressed into further service to the regime and that, too, is a measure of the depravity of the extraterrestrials in your backyard. They are loveless and can only view everything around them through a lens of seeing whether it will serve them personally or not. They are aware of the hierarchy among the dark angelics and, as is their nature, sought the most powerful to get them under their control, knowing that this was simply good tactics and has paid off for them.

There are many, many dark doings of the Extraterrestrial Alliance for which the fallen angels are instrumental in corrupting people, softening them up to make them an easier target, and to carry out individual acts of depravity, as with suicide bombers, saboteurs, and leaders in all of the human institutions, to limit thinking, corrupt policy, and hold back progress. This is a large-scale mind control manipulation but it is facilitated if the target victims are, in addition, in a greater degree of inner discord and instability when possessed by a group of spirit meddlers, the fallen angelics, to drag them down and create inner discord—that increases human vulnerability significantly.