DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialOf all the arguments there are against atheism, one would think the existence of prodigies would work in the direction of persuading people that there really is a God. Certainly, there have been individuals brought around to a divine viewpoint because they couldn’t reconcile genius with evolution. Especially when a genius is born to parents with average IQ and average talents. What is the Divine agenda when it comes to the measured sprinkling of prodigies throughout the population?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We understand the curiosity about this phenomenon but the basic premise of your question is faulty. There is no measured sprinkling of prodigies throughout the population, it is the sum total of lucky occurrences where people are showing their true talent with less of a filter, less of a constriction, and a limitation that is the rule rather than the exception. So what you see as prodigies being exceptions to the rule is the opposite. The human being is a much more lofty and accomplished and talented intelligence than one would guess looking at the average individual physical human. The prodigies are simply less constrained and able to take advantage of innate talents all have in various aspects of their being but simply cannot connect to as the restricted physical human during an incarnation. It is a function of the suppression of energies and the manipulation by the interlopers to disconnect people from their higher selves at a soul level and to receive more direct guidance and support from the Creator of All That Is.

While that is a birthright, it is not universally appreciated nor will it be possible for most to exercise in a way to get clear feedback, as when launching a prayer request endeavoring to have a dialogue with the Almighty. This is shown very clearly by the fact you are the one doing it and not others—that is not because you are special in the sense of being elevated above everyone else, it is that you are simply less constrained than everybody else and are wanting this to happen, and that combination of attributes is what allows us to speak with you directly. The same is true of those with talents of all kinds that mark them as a prodigy—they stand out because their excellence that shines forth is so very unusual in the context of human experience because so few have that combination of being open and connected to their higher being and their innate talent, and have an unrestricted ability to express it and remain intact when they might, in fact, be targeted for suppression simply by virtue of being more visibly unconstrained than usual. So the talents of the prodigy extend beyond what is publicly perceived as their greatest strength.