DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialCan Creator share the divine strategy or at least karmic reality behind the “autistic savant,” the challenged individual who can’t tie their own shoes, but can play flawless Mozart on any piano?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The term “autistic savant” is applied to those who seem to lack the capability of advanced cognitive thinking with an understanding of the self, the environment, and an ability to interact via language. Those who had some kind of block or impairment and a poor ability to respond to other people were assumed to be impaired and were demonstrably so to all who encountered them. So when an individual otherwise seen as “low functioning” exhibited an extraordinary talent of some kind that was in fact transcendent, this extreme contrast was noted. What is important is the underlying meaning and origin of this phenomenon.

We have explained to you that talent comes from the soul level and when present is an unmasking through the absence of subjugation and interfering constraints so that the physical individual can connect and accomplish an expression of the soul ability and talent in a given area as in being a singer, musician, or artist. The reason people have such talents is that they are all of a divine origin. The appreciation of beauty is a form of artistic expression, if only as thoughts and feelings if not the rendering of a design or a representation of a still life seen in paints, charcoal, or pen and ink drawings. There are people who are savants in their ability to appreciate the arts even when they have not developed an actual capability to create such works personally. That is because the essence of the artist applied to any medium is to be in the flow of divine love and to translate that into artistic expression of beauty in some respect—that attention to detail is not simply prosaic and humdrum.

What you are seeing in the prodigy is a divine level capability on display, so it is at once extraordinary in its performance by that individual, but at the same time is making itself known because the human observer has a divine connection as well and is greatly appreciating that the extraordinary capability of the prodigy is displaying a divine attribute at a very high level of achievement. That recognition, too, is showing the divine human in action. That is what makes artistic expression an act of completion, being recognized by an audience, even an audience of one, that something created was appreciated for what it represents and in that way, an act of communication has taken place that will spread some love into the world. Being thirsty for love, this gives currency to the product of artists and the creative genius of the prodigy in satisfying this appetite in some manner, and their contributions can live on indefinitely when recorded and shared.