DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationOf course, the interlopers were ultimately to blame for what happened with Adolph Hitler, but someone appears to have failed to adequately anticipate how bad things could really go. Being considered responsible is not trying to assign blame, but rather who had the most to learn, and indeed learned the most from the failure. In the case of Hitler, what was the post-life debriefing like, and who was considered the most responsible for the failed plans? Hitler himself, his higher self, even Creator?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

So in the case of Adolf Hitler, the pre-life planning was to bring this difficult individual into the role of leader and thereby create a predisposing factor to cause the issue of anti-Semitism to come to the fore to be either embraced or rejected, as the case may be when in terms of whether prior mistakes of thinking could be corrected finally and healing brought to bear, or whether there would again be susceptibility to this distorted notion and temptation to blame the Jews for one’s troubles and to see them as a danger and even lesser beings, and so on, and fall into the same trap of becoming a perpetrator with regard to one’s own evil thoughts and often deeds conducted to discriminate, and worse, against the Jewish people.

This was subverted by extraterrestrial manipulation to create a worsening of things beyond what would have happened through simply having a prejudiced leader and create a kind of context to bring this issue to a head, forcing people to make a choice whether they would indulge in prior prejudice that had persisted through the preceding centuries, or take a more enlightened approach and reject once and for all the misguided notions that anti-Semitism was justified and a desirable perspective needing political support and action to create consequences based on harboring ill will towards the Jews. With the extra manipulation and an intensification by the extraterrestrials, this plan got out of hand and was exaggerated to such an extent that it led to the Holocaust with frank extermination of large numbers of Jews and others deemed to be enemies of the ideal of racial purity, and so forth.

That was seen as a possibility but not a given. What happened was not the fault of poor planning, but the consequence of the energies that played out. All who took part had a voice and a vote in what took place and how it ended up. The contest between the light and the dark is acted out through human beings and the physical extraterrestrials with the dark influence of spirit meddlers possessing them and attempting to corrupt their thinking and worsen things. If humans were fully awakened and in touch with their divinity, they would never have reverted to prior distorted thinking to embrace anti-Semitism or tolerate an anti-Semitic leader and such an agenda politically to discriminate against anyone. Similarly, the figure of Adolf Hitler himself was theoretically amenable to healing—if given an opportunity and an outreach on his behalf through prayer, that could have been achieved. The same is true for the extraterrestrials working always against humans behind the scenes.

This, in fact, is the challenge facing humanity to address the problem of evil. It is the dark spirits and the extraterrestrials who are the first order of business in that task. If you don’t rein them in, they will rein you in and destroy you. So in effect, while the planning was for this to help humans work through past mistakes, it got out of hand because evil was allowed to gain the upper hand and was not opposed actively enough through divine outreach to enable a divine solution to limit the damage until many, many more had suffered than was ever expected or planned to endure. In the end, the light prevailed and the extraterrestrial and dark spirit influence was diminished for a time and the war ended without annihilation of all humans. So this was not a total failure, but a partial one.

You can point to many involved here to apportion responsibility. So we accept our responsibility fully here, that this all happened under Creator’s watch and we did help facilitate Hitler’s incarnation with the intention to have a karmic lesson take place to benefit humanity that in some ways backfired. It is not a total loss, even though millions suffered premature death with huge suffering, as the Holocaust will stand for all time as the premier example of depravity when embraced by society as a whole and its leadership, and that is well-embodied in the slogan “Never Again.” Time will tell if the lesson holds. In the meanwhile, all with responsibility, divine human and extraterrestrial, as well as the dark spirit cohort in particular having set evil in motion in the first place, have roles to play energetically due to the karma set in motion and that continues to play out.