DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaWas wave-based technology used by the Anunnaki to trigger the Great Flood of Noah?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

In a general sense, this is correct that technology of that kind was implemented. This was a consequence of the ongoing war taking place at the time of Atlantis and was a source of great devastation that almost annihilated humanity altogether. It was entirely extraterrestrial in origin. The world was not designed to create catastrophes for humans living on the surface. To be sure, natural forces can carry tremendous power, most visibly in the lightning bolt and strong winds, not to mention the flooding that can happen with an unexpected deluge from heavy rainfall that persists for a time in one locale, or heavy snowstorms and extreme cold spells. But all of the above have been greatly magnified through weather modification done by extraterrestrials to prolong and intensify the action. The most extreme conditions of tornadoes, huge blizzards, prolonged and unrelenting drought, massive repeated wildfires, tremendous earthquakes and hurricanes are entirely caused by extraterrestrials, and we could add volcano eruptions to the list as well. There have been volcanic eruptions and earthquakes throughout Earth’s history but not on the scale and frequency they are exhibited because of extraterrestrial manipulation of the planet, all of which is designed to slow down and hamper human growth and prosperity.