DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolOur client writes: “I am a nurse who works with children and dogs (therapy dogs) to help build a child’s self-confidence, self-worth, after struggles with bullying, abuse…would it be okay to use the Lightworker Healing Protocol with children even if the parents don’t know?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is absolutely ethical and permissible from a divine standpoint. You will not get the same opinion from many humans posing the same question, even those who do not believe in the possibility of doing something real through intuitive communication and sensing. This is too ingrained a notion based on medicolegal considerations. It is what doctors and psychotherapists are taught routinely, there must always be consent and nothing can be done without permission of the recipient. The use of the Protocol is special but highly precedented through all of human history. It is essentially a high-level informed prayer request done on someone’s behalf with great knowledge about the possible things that could be going wrong and simply asking the divine realm on the behalf of the client to bring them many blessings for a resolution of anything they may suffer with. It is always ethical to pray for someone without asking, as a blessing, an act of loving kindness you have full right to bestow on anyone.

In particular, if you are not probing their energies and you are not looking in the akashic records at their history, you will not even be privy to any personal information about them whatsoever so, once again, by working in a way that is hands-off, so to speak, from a distance and using the Protocol in a cut and dried fashion to simply make the series of requests on behalf of the client, in the absence of getting intuitive feedback, there will be no invasion of privacy whatsoever, in any sense, and you are on firm ethical grounds.

The other requirement is specifically to not reveal you are doing so. This would be potentially disturbing for some people to hear. It is no different than if you were to suddenly blurt out you had been praying for someone. They might not take offense at the idea that you are launching some kind of divine intervention, especially if they do not believe in the divine or have no particular fears about a visit from the Almighty, but they might well resent your concluding such a thing is needed and even the idea of your wanting to manipulate them will make them uneasy and resentful in all likelihood. So all that is needed is discretion, so you do not talk about this with those individuals and with parents, but this is a major benefit of the availability of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, that lightworkers can bring great blessings for many human beings—to not do so is a missed opportunity of the first order. The ideal would be if everyone were doing sessions for everyone else and, in working on one another in this way, even anonymously, there would be a dramatic acceleration of healing across the board that would rapidly change the destiny of humanity. This is a good thing entirely and you can be a part of it as it grows.