DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsPaul McCartney said, “All you need is love.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

We like this sentiment and we can tell you that Paul McCartney was divinely inspired to write this song because it is an important truth that love, being the purpose of existence, essentially encompasses everything and touches on everything in some way or another. This will not be immediately apparent because most people think of love in a very literal but shallow sense as the simple act of feeling positively towards someone. Or it is a romantic notion and the latter, in particular, was a common interpretation by the so-called “Free Love Movement” wanting unrestricted opportunities for physical intimacy with no strings attached. We are not against pleasure, but simply caution that the pursuit of pleasure as a short-term goal will not get you very far. One needs higher purpose than personal gratification and rewards.

Those who can delay achieving some kind of payoff by giving of themselves or sacrificing something to advance their own welfare, perhaps through a long arduous course of professional training to have an advanced career of some kind, or who are giving of themselves in order to help the downtrodden in some way, knowing that it may not receive a material reward and might end up being a thankless task because if one is working with people who are in a wretched state, they may be unable to say, “thank you” or show any acknowledgment or gratitude towards those helping them. But we would say that the giving of love is superior to receiving it, it is a healthy way to be, many times, because it drives things forward more vigorously. Certainly, for physical beings, life is so demanding, the times when you will be rewarded and receive love for what you do will be more occasional than constant. So if you hold your own love in reserve to only be offered when one gives love to you in some way, you will be shirking your duty as a divine citizen.

There are always many, many opportunities to be loving to those around you when it will do nothing for you personally, other than to be a giver of love. What we would point out is that giving love is its own reward because you will be raised up in the doing. You cannot give love to others without feeling it, and that very act will put you on Creator’s wavelength, and be a blessing for you by keeping you in a much better state of being and in divine alignment that will serve you in many ways indirectly. So our perspective of this lyric catchphrase, “All you need is love,” in its deepest and most profound meaning is “Whether you are getting love or not, you can still give it because that is a choice that is yours alone.” So whether you are all about love or not is up to you. The love will always be available to you from Creator. If you reach for more, it will be granted. You cannot run out of love. It is inexhaustible in supply. So you need not be worshiped by others in a loving way to be happy. You can truly make yourself happy by giving love to all around you and to yourself and, in that way, love is the recipe for happiness because even though a single ingredient, seemingly, it has so many flavors that satisfy.