DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsRichard Bach said, “True love stories never have endings.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This we see as a deep awareness of the fact love has longevity, love is so important that people are deeply moved, deeply affected by the experiencing and sharing of love, and in doing so will be creating a love connection, a love bond, that may well become unbreakable and will persist far into the future and, indeed, can be endless if it is never dissolved as a connection between individuals. So this saying, “True love stories never have endings,” implies there will be a continuing relationship, not a fleeting one, not a temporary circumstance, no matter how thrilling or enjoyable. Those love stories that truly matter the most will be about a long-standing relationship in which the love never ends, even with the death of one of the parties, because they will live on in the memory of others and be loved just the same even though no longer alive.

This has a deep inner meaning and significance because people do have an inner knowing that their love is not fruitless or misplaced, or wasted in continued feelings about a departed loved one, and this is based on an inner truth and knowing that somehow, somewhere, their loved one lives on, so it is not love in vain but love in honor of something deep and profound in meaning and substance that has a purpose behind it. It is more than a habit; it is a continued desire that is active in wanting to honor another and not lose what strong love represents as a purpose for existence and the meaning of life. For love is worth anything, even worth dying for—that is the kind of love that cannot die. That level of passion and commitment is its own reward because it is the most fulfilling and thrilling of experiences, to have deep love for another that is returned in kind, and that truly allows the love bonds to form and become unbreakable.