DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsSamuel Richardson said, “Love is not a volunteer thing.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

The purpose of love is serious business, it cannot be done casually, it cannot be done tentatively, it cannot be done on the spur of the moment simply to fill in a gap that might be perceived. Such things happen many times as acts of loving kindness, but this individual is thinking about a more long-term love relationship. It must be heartfelt from both sides and not the giving of oneself to another in service, but without satisfying the self truly in being as fully committed in the intensity of the feelings. What this means is for a love relationship in its fullest expression between love partners, wanting to live together and share their lives in an exclusive relationship, it needs to be balanced, it needs to be given wholeheartedly to that partner and not as a sacrifice or a compromise, or a token gesture as in accepting a consolation prize just to have a life partner to achieve a goal of marriage, for example, to keep up with others in one’s peer group who are all getting married, or even as an act done out of pity which will end up not serving the self in the end.

Everything in life is about balance and implies achieving a degree of completion, so when there is a deficit of one thing, because something else is being pursued or acquired, eventually one must return to what is lacking and address that issue and find a way to balance the deficit it represents. All of life is a series of course corrections and rebalancing events and strategies in order to keep going, and in a better direction, in a better way. For this, one needs to have a sense of where one is headed and why. This comes with maturity in being able to make long-term plans, establish long-term goals, and devise effective strategies for pursuing them that have a meaningful chance for success in the end. To put an effective life plan in action demands much life experience for it to work, hence the need for course corrections and many adjustments along the way to get back into alignment once again. This is hard work and demands a tremendous contribution and sacrifice by all who are truly striving to make their lives count.

Love is not a casual undertaking; it is not something one chooses to do but is chosen. Something must happen, there must be a spark, some chemistry, some basis for attraction in the first place to become a motivation for a relationship to blossom, and most times will take over a person more than being something that is thought out and planned and decided on in advance. It comes upon a person, perhaps little by little, and sometimes quite quickly, the so-called, “Love at first sight.” Those are the lucky ones when they meet someone and find them captivating, and then have the means and wherewithal to follow up on those feelings and bring about a successful long-term relationship, but they will be driven to do so and will be, in effect, compelled rather than it being a calculation on their part.