DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsSusan Sontag said, “Love is shown more in deeds than in words.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

There are many truths paralleling this concept, as in the saying, “Talk is cheap,” because there are many promises that remain unfulfilled, and this is particularly so from individuals who have a love deficit because of shallow character. Those who are selfish and narcissistic suffer a restriction that is quite severe in the link to their higher self, the loveline, and will be shallow because they are unable to feel love to a high degree or any of its many variations. They must learn how to get along with others by watching what others do because they cannot feel within themselves things like compassion and caring, and even romantic love in the sense of being captivated by someone else and truly feeling head over heels in love. What they will feel in the presence of someone who has the right attributes to be a worthy love partner because they are good looking, marriage material, so to speak, because they will make the narcissist look good in front of others in having such a mate, this is a prescription for a shallow relationship, at best, that will be a poor reflection of what is possible when love is in full flower and deeply felt from both parties in a relationship.

Those who seek love for themselves as the highest of priorities can only do so, many times, through manipulation because they will lack the ability to give people genuine love from their end of things, and being unable to reward others for what they are truly seeking makes them poor marriage material, so they must make up for that through subterfuge, through acting the part and putting on a good show, but the truth will out when they live selfishly and make more demands from those around them, including a love partner, than they are willing to give of themselves. True love will sacrifice almost anything for the object of their affection, and here again is an illustration of the divine truth, that giving love is the highest attainment if done in a balanced way so there can be love for the self as well, to not get in situations where it is so one-sided one ends up undermining their own welfare and, in effect, becoming a slave to another to fulfill their wishes with harm to the self as a result because they never get anything back. We would say when two people who are well-balanced are in a true love relationship, the one who gives more to the other than takes will be in greater divine alignment and will ultimately reap the most from the relationship in satisfaction and in personal growth—acts of love will always raise up the doer.