DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaShe also asks: “I’m also a bit curious about my genetics. I sometimes fear my mother is Anunnaki, but I know I am far more human/Pleiadian because my mother’s side 8 generations back the women are incapable of empathy and extremely toxic and abusive to the girls (Although I was told they are sea witches, whatever that means, and that under this density resorted to stealing divine womb chakra energy from their daughters … My grandma just passed at 101). This is giving me trouble with the mother gazing divine womb chakra activity. My father’s side are salt of the earth beautiful loving people, which I myself am FAR more like genetically and personally.” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

As she understands, there is parental influence ongoing from both lineages and, indeed, her mother has a similar genetic background from a prior series of lifetimes in the Anunnaki civilization. She was in some of your lifetimes then and so your being together again because you are members of the same soul collective is at once a blessing and a potential hazard because of the crosstalk of energies and resonance with the issue of extraterrestrial involvement and energies, and will tend to be vulnerable to influence indirectly affecting the karmic potentials, particularly with respect to negative consequences still unhealed, so there has been an interplay stirring the pot from being with one another. The primary intention always is to come together to enable the Law of Karma to do what it needs to, with the expectation there will be some healing obtained, if only through undergoing some adversity that helps to repay a karmic debt for some of it. That is a quite painful way to deal with it but, as you know, there can be the possibility of divine grace to bring in healing despite the karmic dues to be paid, and obtain a much more rapid healing without the need to suffer.

So you have had some blessings of that kind along the way through your good intentions despite your mother’s negativity and her treatment of you. In effect, your being together is a gift of yours for her benefit. You put yourself literally in harm’s way, being under her guidance as her offspring, knowing full well there might well be trouble, and even serious karmic damage resulting from the encounter, but were determined to rise above it and apply some of the light being maturity you have obtained, being well ahead of her on the healing curve. This was with the expectation that it would enable you ultimately to bring some healing relief for her, and then as a consequence for you as well, which would be an inevitable benefit hastening the healing for the both of you, as each will benefit from the healing of the other party. The fact you are here now engaged with Creator in a dialogue, as well as engaging with the best healing tool yet devised by humanity to capitalize on divine support as a solution to your dilemma, is a testament to the wisdom of the preplanning you have done to be of service to benefit your mother, as well as yourself, and heal the karmic cycle of negativity that has followed your family through time. You will see this unfold.