DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client asks: “I also would love to know of my star origins, although I get a sense of many. I’ve seen a lifetime where I was blue, long before I learned of Arcturians. But I have a special connection with them. The star Arcturus often wakes me up at 3 AM when it’s in my window and guides me. Anyway, also potentially Anunnaki, Pleiadian, and I don’t know why the Zeta Reticuli seem to take my eggs all the time as well, so a lot going on, which is why I sort of told you I’d really like the knowledge so that I can put it all together. It’s not going to scare me, only enlighten me and embolden me.” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Although normally we do not like to be specific about such details, we understand your interest and level of sophistication and having intuitive awareness already this is so, we can safely share with you that you, indeed, have been part of the Anunnaki as well as Reptilian lineage. The latter is the true origin of the Pleiadians, who are living in a future extension of the current Reptilian cohort, so they are in a more enlightened mode but share that heritage. That is why they are so keen on helping humanity, because their continued future will be influenced greatly by whether or not enough healing can be done to the Reptilian civilization to keep them going and recover from the degradation they have been subjected to by the spirit manipulation causing a disconnection from the divine realm. Much of your karmic legacy has been worked on and worked through by now because this was truly ancient in the doing.

You have had many, many lifetimes as a human being, in part to work on a karmic repair for your prior experiences in those extraterrestrial civilizations during times of great corruption and incurring a karmic liability. Your service as a human is a kind of atonement and a blessing that will confer healing benefits for you which you are continuing to accrue through your service. At the same time, this adds to some difficulty because of your association with their manipulations still, as a victim of theirs rather than being within their ranks as a perpetrator. So in a sense, you are still entangled but on the other side of the coin as a victim rather than a compatriot. This does create complications with stirring up the karmic entanglements as well, but that is why the healing through the Lightworker Healing Protocol will be of such tremendous value because there is much to do and much at stake for which the Lightworker Healing Protocol is truly the only greatly effective means of reckoning with these healing needs, so it will be a blessing to have this amplified and continued to be ongoing behind the scenes.