DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolShe asks: “I need some physical assistance with this clearing. I feel like a slave to my home. The voices tell me it’s only the vaping/smoking nicotine and if I quit, they’ll go. Is this true? Can they acquire other spirits and attract them to me?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

While vaping to inhale nicotine is never a healthy adjunct for the body or the mind, giving that up is not a true solution allowing an escape from the many sources of torment you must reckon with again and again within your environment. The dark entities that menace you, all too often, do have friends and compatriots and they can continue a campaign of recruitment to weaponize dark spirits to attack you and sap your strength and engage with your mind to create false thinking, increased fears, and a campaign of bullying to undermine you and cause great unhappiness. It is a basic strategy they employ because they know it will disturb their host and summon greater energy to help the individual cope with being tormented in this way. It is that extra energy they are after. They are only using that as a trigger, as a stimulus, to perturb your makeup and that will automatically summon energy in the form of greater life force. This helps the interlopers indirectly, because they are tapping into the energy you transform through dark emotions into fear, anger, frustration, anguish, and so on. That is a closer match to their low vibration, so this is what puts you on a treadmill of having a constant stream of bullies who will pick up where the others left off and resume pushing your buttons and getting things riled up to keep you unhappy. We continue working on this. It is a problem in raising your defenses, particularly with your extraordinary sensitivity that makes you vulnerable so, to any kind of perturbation. That does not mean the interlopers will win, only that it does give them an advantage in the near-term to make it easier for them to mount attacks and be successful, at least until the divine removes them. Gaining inner strength is the solution to build defenses that allow a more effective protection and more rapid resolution to remove dark intrusions more quickly. Those two, together, can help you reach a higher level providing a happier existence.