DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsSuperstitions may seem silly and innocuous at first glance, but some people worry about them a great deal. Some to the point of having genuine panic attacks if they discover they violated one. How does someone get in this state? Does subconscious mind control contribute? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Here you are getting to the heart of the matter, that all these superstitions exist for good reason, they are all reacting to something that is actually real, whether or not it is a problem in the moment in the way a person is fearing and seeking a ritual of protection or a way of avoiding an encounter with an imagined evil that could, in fact, be lurking. Because people vary in sensitivity, those who tend to be fearful, and particularly if they have a past history of having difficulty with unseen manipulations and people acting on dark intentions to stalk and attack them, for example, will be highly sensitive to any idea of an unseen force that might be lurking about, and this will create a state of chronic anxiety in some individuals. When it rises to the level of panic attacks, what is going on is that deeper levels of the mind are replaying past episodes of tragedy at the hands of the darkness, or other humans acting at the behest of dark forces, and that is perceived intuitively to be a factor. This ramp-up within, of fear of dark forces, can become incapacitating at an extreme in vulnerable individuals who have no other way to cope with such inner feelings.

This will also be ramped up if there are dark spirits possessing a person because they can talk to the deep subconscious mind of their host and wage a campaign of terror, threatening and mocking and warning of impending doom, attacks that will be launched, and savagery that the person will be subjected to. While not understood on a conscious level, the anxiety generated by the inner conflict of the deep subconscious mind will trigger anxiety because it is linked to the emotions. This is why people with high anxiety often have no logical reason for their state of mind, and why it is so readily assumed to be merely a chemical imbalance within the brain, given there is no obvious logical explanation a therapist might ferret out. That does not mean therapists will not try to help a person find an explanation for their dilemma, and there may well be a superficial unearthing of difficulties that are then blamed for the chronic anxiety, even wrongly.

The dream state is another arena where people can be manipulated and terrorized, through recalling times of torture and savagery in other lifetimes at the hands of the darkness, and spirits will ramp that up all day long to keep the deep part of the mind terrorized with thoughts of impending assault and doom. That is enough to throw anyone off stride and make them miserable. What is needed is a divine intervention to remove the spirit attachments and to assist with repair of the karmic history, and its impact, still being projected because the wounds of the past were never healed, and so their akashic records will hold many repositories of negative emotion linked to trauma events of all kinds, and those will circle back around to the person via the Law of Karma to be reminders of the healing need but, in effect, present a new injury that will often not be addressed meaningfully by caregivers who do not understand where such things truly come from. In effect, much of the practice of psychotherapy is the creation of a series of rituals to help people cope with the unseen, but not unfelt, sources of evil.