DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaSutphen came up with five basic categories of Karma. 1. Balancing Karma, which is mechanical cause and effect, such as not being able to conceive a child because of child neglect in a past life. 2. Physical Karma, which is the misuse of a body in one life, so the appropriate affliction is created in a later life, such as being overweight because of starvation in a previous life. 3. False Fear Karma is from a traumatic past-life incident that generates fear that is no longer valid in the current context of your current life. 4. False Guilt Karma from taking on responsibility or blame for a past-life incident for which you are truly blameless. 5. Developed Ability or Awareness Karma, such as musical talent. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

These are reasonable categories, indeed, to describe major forms of karmic reckoning and rebalancing, or rewarding a person for making prior contributions to personal growth or benefitting others and receiving some kind of improvement or furthering of their own desires in their current life, courtesy of the Law of Karma seeing an opportunity to return a prior investment through a love offering to a recipient in need, and that same energy comes back to the originator to help them become more successful in some way at a future time. In this way, the Law of Karma, through these examples and categorizations, clearly relates to all influences and eventualities, whether positive or negative, and some are multicomponent, even in their initiation, and this may well be true of the way it plays out. Many times a reward leading to success brings new challenges and can complicate someone’s life, and create new problems, in fact. Many people of means find great difficulty because, in using the money they acquire, it creates problems for them they would not otherwise have—liabilities as well as missed opportunities and perceived failures by others, or they might lose their wealth through neglect or careless action and suffer greatly because now the contrast between their prior state of affluence and their impoverished condition might be quite unbearable.

The point we are making is life is fluid, and while some people get in a rut and stay there, living lives of quiet desperation perhaps, or a static sameness many would find boring but others a safe haven because they are, to some extent, living in fear, all represent a state of energy and a projection into the future of a composite that describes them energetically, and the way they are living and its influence on themselves, first and foremost, and then on others around them. People need to realize that they are as likely to injure or reward themselves, as they do so to others. Acts of wrongdoing directed at the self are equally significant to the Law of Karma in assigning responsibility. In effect, a person who harms themselves is digging their own grave. The negative karma that ensues may keep them trapped in lifetime after lifetime of failure and suffering, all of which is self-imposed by default because they have been feeding the beast with their chronic self-abnegation, criticism, loathing, and rejection. It is like a cannibal living off their own flesh—that will never lead to growth and fulfillment but only diminishment and an earlier demise.

So we would say that these are useful descriptions to illustrate the workings of karma, but do not take into account the many nuances, in-between states, and complex interdependent karmic energies coming from all directions because you are living in a vast array of karmic energies, both from your own creation and the many others you interact with, countless influencers in life after life after life, all of whom you become entangled with and inherit karmic consequences as a result. In any given moment, the karmic influences on you as you live your life may be enormous. It is when those energies align more closely with one another that a consequence will emerge. It might be a sudden accident or an illness; it could be a career disruption or failure; a marital dispute or even an early death. It is a vast tapestry of interdependence because you are amidst a family of souls, and interacting with other families representing other species of beings that are soul-based but are in your environment influencing you and everything around you, and all will be caught up in the karmic consequences.