DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaSutphen wrote about hypnotizing a woman with fibromyalgia which caused constant physical pain. He directed her back to the real cause of her pain. She began to describe her hard life as a Christian nun. She resided in a tiny cell and suffered physically. She said, “Christ suffered for us, so we must suffer for him as well.” She then said under hypnosis, “The physical pain began about the time I decided to devote my current hypnosis practice to Christ Consciousness work.” Sutphen explains, “Somehow her unconscious mind ‘connected’ the past-life suffering for Christ to a need to suffer doing similar work today.” Sutphen directed her to release the pain and she was fully recovered upon awakening. Can Creator comment on this?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a good illustration of the possibility to obtain an instant healing from not just a recognition of the cause of suffering being in the past but a conscious acceptance and decision to change it in a positive direction, and applying that intention to the physical body in a way that allows the stored memory of prior trauma to release its poison and, because that poison that was being harbored gave rise to symptoms, the symptoms will recede as well—that is the essence of trauma resolution.

We would say he was lucky in having a client who was poised to have a resolution take place because, after all, her suffering was not because of grievous harm to others but a simple misunderstanding of divine expectations for her, and in so wanting to walk a divine path she wrapped herself in the mantle of suffering, but it was not truly hers to take on, and thus was easier to dispense with than if her fibromyalgia symptoms were arising from something much more egregious in severity. But nonetheless, this is an important illustration, that a self-healing can be managed with an outside prompting and facilitation of helping the person confront the dilemma, and applying a way to resolve it that is acceptable to the person’s own beliefs and makes the proper internal connections to let the poison drain away.