DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaThe consensus about many of these works on extensive Earth changes is that we are past due for most of them. In some sources, the changes were forecast for the late 1990s. Others forecast changes for the first decade of the new millennium—now eleven years ago. Can Creator share what the current status is of these forecasted Earth changes? Has the danger passed, have we dodged a bullet, or are we still in the danger zone?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

What has taken place is that the danger zone, as you put it, has been delayed. You have been slated for annihilation a number of times through human history and this includes recent times yet again. The world was saved from nuclear holocaust by divine intervention but this has been replaced with alternative strategies by the interlopers who are working in earnest to bring this about within the next five years or so. The previous plans were altered through divine intervention. We are currently working, at human request of those informed and able to do so, to yet again forestall this eventuality and encourage a withdrawal of the interlopers without their taking a parting shot, so to speak, which is the current plan.

This is up to humanity whether enough people can be awakened to this reality in time to take meaningful action in the form of prayer or healing requests to assist with healing the interlopers, who are the action arm of evil in your world in collusion with the dark spirit meddlers, who infest all physical beings to bring about inner darkness and corruption. The evil of the fallen angelic spirits, as described in the Bible, has corrupted the extraterrestrial races who control your world and threaten you at this very moment, and are manipulating so many things to worsen the human experience. There will be increasing environmental upheaval and adverse weather as part of the ramp up to the annihilation. So in a sense, the idea of Earth changes is a kind of weather vane that gives an early indicator of how things are progressing, or not, as the case may be. It is all up to you to reach out to us for assistance to make things improve.