DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe contrast between the wolf and the sheep couldn’t be starker. Wolves are predators, sheep are herbivores. Wolves are fierce, and sheep are comparatively gentle and passive. Wolves do travel in packs, but not so tightly as to constrict freedom of independent movement. Yet wolves are SO aggressive and dangerous, that they are not used as symbols of civility and group harmony. When Christ was talking about wolves in sheep’s clothing was he implying that the goal was perhaps to be neither wholly one or the other? Instead, was the calling for us to be SHEPHERDS and not wolves or sheep? To be rather a DIVINE HUMAN rather than a mere animal?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

Here you are putting your own spin on things, but you are entitled because you are a divine human and that is a good illustration of the purpose of humanity, to add to what has come before, to move not only forward, but upward with growth and expansion in addition to a continuation and an avoidance of annihilation along the way. Yours is a good distinction that is particularly appropriate for the people hearing this discourse, who will be divine humans after all and are far above animals in their makeup and potentials, and following this metaphor, the role of shepherd is a good metaphorical label for the leaders among you who are breaking new ground, bringing forth new perspectives, new understandings, and suggestions for improving society and finding the many distortions and errors of judgment contributing to the many examples of corruption in the workings of society and its institutions.

Indeed, what is needed is a new generation of shepherds that can help to lead and guide people along the path back to the divine who have strayed through their disconnection, and the steady drumbeat of corruption enticing them into self-destructive activities of all kinds, and non‑productive ways of living that keep people oppressed and in conflict with one another and not working together in common cause to overcome all obstacles, and advance society as a whole through the efficiencies and the power of unity that would come about. There are many positions open all through society for the lightworkers among you to step up and seize the moment and follow your hearts and the strength of your inner conviction and divine alignment in knowing the better choices available and this will change the world, at least over time in proportion to the initiative taken and the amount of energy behind it.