DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessThe Earth itself is also made up of different “bodies.” There is, of course, the physical Earth we are all familiar with, and the lower astral plane. Souls trapped in the astral plane are called “ghosts” and are said to be “earthbound.” Creator has said in prior channelings that the lower astral is connected to the physical plane and that the rules of engagement, governing life incarnated on Earth, still apply to departed souls trapped in the lower astral plane, or Earth’s astral body. These are the souls said to be “stuck in limbo,” but little has been said about an etheric body and dimension or realm of Earth itself. Is there such a thing? And how do the rules of engagement apply to one said to be present in this realm? Are they still considered an inhabitant of Earth? Do the rules of engagement governing free will still apply to one said to be in residence in the etheric realm of the Earth? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
Here again, we see the consequence of introducing jargon. You are essentially chasing a phantom here called an "etheric body" when this is simply the spirit leaving the body or in more precise terms, as we have exemplified in our discussion here, what emerges is a form of consciousness that is an extension of your soul and an extension of our consciousness in turn. So when your body passes away, your consciousness will leave the body in spirit form and make its way forth. The intentions you hold will determine where you go, if anywhere at all. You could hover over your corpse and remain in that spot indefinitely. You could sense it in some way and follow it to the morgue, and even to a graveside, through unawareness and a state of ignorance about what is happening, not realizing you are dead. You could wander about more broadly and bump into dark spirits, who live in this lower astral plane as predators, and get into serious trouble, becoming hindered, and then exploited as a source of energy, and held down by the experience, and never make your way to the higher astral plane of the heavenly realm, but it will be your consciousness trapped in limbo and attacked by parasites wanting to sap your strength to keep themselves alive. So to avoid using the word "consciousness" for every state of being, existence, location, phenomenon, and so on, it is helpful to think of having a matrix of raw energy you could call the "ether" or the "zero-point field," as physicists do, and think of that as a kind of disorganized raw form of consciousness that can be a conveyance and a source of further energy to be shaped by consciousness of a higher order and capability. So your soul essence that inhabits your body, and contributes to your thinking, is a form of consciousness that will leave the body one day and will remain intact. It first enters the lower astral plane but will be met by light callers coming from the heavenly realm to greet you and invite you to be escorted back to the light. The rules of engagement still apply for you until you are safely back home. You can stray, you can get lost, you can become frustrated and give up, you can remain harboring your earthly cares and prejudices, even things like grudges and hatred, and that can hold you back as well. If, when you die, you are hating God because your life, to you, was unsatisfying or even a kind of torture, that will keep God away and, when you die, you will be on your own as long as you harbor those beliefs and even feelings you will be capable of having. Even without a physical body, they will be sensed in a different way but they will matter because they are an intention, and it is intentions entirely that will determine what your consciousness does, how it expresses itself, and how it is reckoned with by the divine realm, to interact or not, to form a partnership or allow you to decide everything and take the lead entirely even though you will not be as adept as divine beings coming from the light to guide you. This is why so many people become trapped in the lower astral plane as earthbound spirits when they die, because they are not prepared to continue their journey, being in a state of ignorance and often depletion and dishevelment.