DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe group of Pleiadians that are channeled by Barbara Marciniak claim that a certain tyranny, that they have tracked as beginning here on Earth, has begun influencing them in their future, and that their mission is to come back here and assist us in learning how we can change that outcome. Is this true, and who are the culprits?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is true and it is indeed the Anunnaki in particular. In a sense, it is not that the Anunnaki are knocking on their door and interfering in their realm directly, it is the fact there was to be an interplay of the divine human with the Pleiadians and the fact that humans are earmarked for extermination will change this equation and disrupt things already foreseen and ongoing within the current life extension of humans currently on the planet. The Pleiadians, as you know, had a direct hand in creation of human and will benefit accordingly as humans develop and grow in capability. They are naturally eager to see this come to fruition and eagerly embrace the benefits personally that would come from a collaboration in the future. That can be delayed or even prevented if humanity fails to win the ongoing contest and is eliminated. What this would mean is a delay in the further progress for the divine human, not a true extermination altogether. The souls are immortal and will continue on and, as light beings, all who have been on the Earth or are currently present will return to the light if they have been given protection by the Lightworker Healing Protocol and will be available for a future undertaking of the same kind, to continue the growth and learning needed to surmount the problem of evil once and for all if this is not achieved in the current go-round. We still believe humans can make this happen and want to continue encouraging all involved to do their utmost to bring healing for the interlopers as the first step in conquering evil in their midst. As we have promised you, there will be benefits to many civilizations throughout the universe if the divine human enterprise prevails and finally reaches an ascension from the physical realm.