DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe Pleiadians also claim that they can and do accomplish healing work on the students of Marciniak who request such healing. If all of this is true, and also now that we are including the entire galaxy in the Lightworker Healing Protocol which also includes the Pleiades, does all of this now give them a kind of karmically-involved interest so that they might also be able to add their intention to ours and also do healing sessions at our request through the LHP? Can they do things we can’t do using the LHP?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

While this is true that they have offered to do healing when requested, the way this happens is they come to the divine and request divine assistance to bring this about rather than doing it personally with their own energy and their own techniques. So they are keeping within the rules of engagement to require a divine partnership, but they can be advocates for human in that respect, just like you or any other human can reach out to the divine to ask for help personally or on behalf of others. What the Pleiadians are prevented from doing is to recommend a solution for the human dilemma in a broad sense, a way to take on the interlopers and save the day with suggestions of a specific nature with greater and more detailed insight about the plans of the interlopers, and so on. They cannot act as spies in other words. They can give general help in a broad sense and give some information about future potentials of things that can happen, and in a general way talk about the human condition and various things humans can do to help themselves in a general sense, but there are limits, as you can see, from the information coming forth, and that is because of the divine injunction to stay within strict guidelines so it still remains a human responsibility and burden. They cannot take it all on at your behest.

Their contributions in the context of the Lightworker Healing Protocol availability are not really needed by those using the LHP for healing requests because that will enable doing much, much more than a Pleiadian request for healing can accomplish. Despite their lofty status, they are in a different dimension and have completely different needs and so are not experts on the physical domain. It is still the divine realm who can do the most and the best work, so there is no advantage in inviting Pleiadians to add to the healing work because they come from and belong to another dimension altogether.