DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialThe Lightworker Healing Protocol introduces the term “soul attributes.” We have been given as examples, by Creator, descriptions of some personal character traits. Yet, we have also been told the soul is vast in what it contains. If we look at Google’s definition of the word “attribute,” we see this: “A quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something.” The word “inherent” stands out, and if we look at that definition, we get: “Existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.” So now the two words that stand out are “permanent” and “essential.” Can Creator define what soul attribute means in divine terms, and does it imply the inherent qualities of “permanent” and “essential?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 weeks ago
These are certainly two central descriptions of the nature of soul attributes because they are fundamental aspects being expressed by the soul that constitute the broad general characteristics and traits exhibited by people in ways that make them unique in having a particular personality and combination of attitudes, beliefs, talents, and proclivities. Because the soul is immortal, it could be expected that soul attributes are permanent features, otherwise that would contradict the notion of "immortal" if souls come and go over time, and perhaps evolve into something quite different. That might make up an interesting universe of beings, but was not our intention and plan in the creation of sentient beings like yourselves. So there is a need for stability. What is the point of having a unique soul entity, like a particular human being, if it is unstable and becomes unpredictable, ultimately, concerning who and what and how it does things, how it functions, how it reacts, and what it might end up doing and in what ways, and, of most concern to others, how it will fit in with a group of other humans like a family, or a community, or an organization? It is quite important to most people that others around them are predictable, so once a meeting has taken place, and people get to know one another and size one another up, there are relatively few surprises and far less disappointments once they have taken the measure of one another and see there is some affinity, some compatibility in being acceptable in their makeup, which depends on soul attribute expression, and for that to be generally stable is itself a soul attribute but made possible because attributes are permanent characteristics of the soul. And that leads to the second criterion of an inherent part of something as being essential. We would very much agree that soul attributes are quite essential to the functioning of a soul-based being. People need quite an array of capabilities and characteristics, many of which are required to be successful in life, even in mundane human roles that seem quite ordinary. That perspective, of course, is a biased one. People see what is around them as "to be expected" because of familiarity, and it is taken for granted, when, in fact, all is a miracle and quite wondrous. We see all soul attributes as wondrous miracles for what they represent, highly sophisticated and significant capabilities, many of which cannot be taught nor could they be created from scratch but must somehow be already present to be utilized in day-to-day living. So here again is a practical reason and benefit to have soul attributes because they are essential for living a successful and enjoyable life.