DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialIt is assumed that the precise makeup of soul attributes possessed by any soul, and by extension any incarnated individual, are UNIQUE in that no one else in the history of creation has ever possessed, and no one else ever will again possess, the precise template of attributes possessed by any individual. Is that a true assumption?
Nicola Staff asked 4 weeks ago
This we have commented upon in other settings, that, in actuality, every individual soul is unique in its composition and it is that myriad of possible combinations that allow the existence of so many discrete entities, no two of whom are identical in their soul attribute expressions. Some attributes are more essential for a particular individual than others, and that has a direct bearing on their makeup and their strengths and weaknesses, and especially their talents and capabilities that help them to thrive in settings that will take advantage of their unique makeup. This was Creator's plan, to have a vast array of sentient beings to allow the widest possible panorama of soul attribute combinations, and thus endless variety in the potential that could be utilized and expressed for endless endeavors. Our desire for the universe was to create an environment to foster learning and growth by discrete extensions of our consciousness, as explorers and experiencers imbued with varying kinds of inner motivation and desires, who would greatly expand what are truly endless possibilities in creating new things and ways to enjoy one's existence. This is the overarching design of creation and its implementation; it has created an active living canvas of endless possibilities, variations, and productive interactions of all kinds to capitalize on affinities and complementarities, to allow amplification and synergistic collaborations greater than the sum of individual contributions, to further spark the imagination and add to learning and growth. So we think of the makeup of an individual as part of a vast collective with endless variety in soul attribute expression to create a canvas of myriad colors, flavors, and a truly endless variety of potentials. There are many implications of this reality, one being there is far too much needless competition and ranking of people according to their strengths and weaknesses and other capabilities. When you consider that each person is unique and designed to be that way, the fact that one is stronger than another, or can run faster than another, is not deserving of an award when they are simply designed that way and it is not something they created to begin with, although they may have worked quite hard to edge out someone else by honing their capability, through diligence and training, to best their competition. But here, too, they are calling on other soul attributes, those very characteristics of diligence, persistence, passion, the valuing of excellence, wanting to lead, to be in the front of the pack, and so forth, reflecting soul attribute expression as well, but this is simply making a circular argument that comes back to the uniqueness of each individual's endowment. We see and value each human being as the unique entity they truly represent and, to us, this makes each and every person special.