DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingThe mother of the 16-year-old boy who is an autistic client is feeling like he really wants to talk, at last, and is eager for us to do more subconscious channeling sessions. Is she correct? Is he close to a breakthrough finally, after all our hard work?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

She is perceiving this clearly. You are sensing it as well and seeing the evidence in the nature of the exchanges you are having with him, which are becoming more cogent, focused, and productive in him getting in touch with a greater degree of accuracy in seeing the outlines of what is truly hindering him and having a feel for what needs to happen to make his life better. This is a true communication you two are achieving despite his great handicap and is a preview of coming attractions. He simply needs to do this through human language, not that that is trivial to undertake and gain ground beyond a rudimentary beginning. The fact he has not done this in a robust coherent way to translate a stream of thoughts into words, it will be quite a challenge for him now to do so because he has missed the learning window entirely that is present naturally to become verbal and fluent in speaking coherent language to express the self, but what is being gained is removal of inner roadblocks that heretofore have made it impossible for any substantive interchange—that is what is dissolving.

Now any concerted effort to overcome the deficit can well succeed and be highly productive and rewarding as well for all involved. This will be true for him as much as for the mother and sister and will be a divine blessing of tremendous meaning and value to all involved, to you in having done good work to bring it about, and to us as well in being a party to bringing him back from a land of obscurity he was plunged into through outside manipulation by the extraterrestrials to undermine his mental functioning so he would be isolated from the outside world and the people who love him.