DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsThe Pleiadians also said: “Heaven and Anu are synonymous.” Why this blanket condemnation in linking heaven with the leader of the alien Anunnaki race who are subjugating us?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This occurred for the same reasons. Most followers of religion have a partial connection to the divine, but that incomplete state leaves them quite vulnerable. They do not realize this, so are not working on shoring up their defenses and their alignment with the divine, simply believing in a naive way that God is there for them so there is nothing much they need to do. They simply go about their lives and in the back of their mind is the knowing that one day they will make their way back to heaven, but they are not working at it. They are not striving to preserve a communion with the divine and a partnership that would ensure a smooth transition let alone having things benefit them during their lives. When people think of heaven, it is very abstract and usually not even connected to a transaction of any sort, even in prayer. So the idea was co‑opted long ago by the Anunnaki in the same way they have worked to corrupt the Scriptures to introduce all kinds of distortions about the motives of the divine, the actions of the divine, the messages of the divine, and the meaning of the divine.

So now in today’s world almost as many followers of religion, as truly believe in a deep way, hold a fear of death because of the distortions and the depiction of the Almighty as judgmental and they worry about their status. This is what makes heaven correspond to the ruler of the Anunnaki world and, in effect, the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole. This is a being who wants to be feared. This is a being who is harsh and judgmental in all that he does. So this is the basis for the confluence of interpretation, that the Anunnaki have compromised religion, contaminated its teachings, and also preside over the actions of religious leaders of all faiths to co-opt them, to corrupt them, to cause them to be misguided and take actions that are not in the best interests of the worshipers, by often focusing on less desirable teachings that are more in alignment with Anunnaki thinking and the desires they have to maintain control of human beings to manipulate them and to undermine them in as many ways as possible. So why would they not endeavor to intrude on religious services and seek to distort and manipulate those present? In this way, heaven and Anu are in juxtaposition because the Anunnaki have made themselves present in what the churches and other religious bodies offer to the world through their corruption.

This is not the fault of God, this is the fault of the Anunnaki and their dark spirit meddler corruptors who caused them to fall from grace as well and to adopt a dark and selfish view of the reality of existence, and being sociopaths, they serve themselves and are quite willing to pillage and plunder any other civilization that suits them to subjugate for personal gain. Corrupting the institutions of those worlds is standard operating procedure for them, at which point even attending a worship service is, in effect, coming out into a spotlight and revealing that a person is harboring forbidden thoughts, at least from the perspective of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, and they will be marked for attention to further subjugate them with mind control manipulation. This is the reason that the Pleiadians hold the perspective that religion is not the answer for humanity and feel free to warn people away even though this goes against the idea of coveting and nurturing one’s spirituality and that a partnership with the divine is the ultimate solution. In a sense, one must break away from old habits, thoughts, and beliefs in order to be able to truly understand a new concept and take a new direction. Otherwise, they will remain with their hidebound thinking, reinforcing old habits, and never getting anywhere because they are going to a well that is dry and cannot sustain them.