DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsWhy did the Pleiadians make this categorical channeled statement to Barbara Marciniak: “When you are dealing with the angels, you are dealing with the Anunnaki?” Might she have introduced some personal bias?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

She has heard this from the Pleiadians a number of times and personally is content with that message as is. This is a weakness within her perspective because she has not heard them state boldly to reach out to God or any biblical figures for assistance. This the Pleiadians are constrained from doing because it is the key to the answer for humanity and they are not allowed to be in the lead here. They can warn, but not give direct answers and lead the charge, so to speak. That is all this means. It does not mean there are no divine beings called “angels” or that reaching to divine angelic beings is a fruitless or dangerous exercise. What the Pleiadians are trying to drive home, which the channeler welcomes in believing this herself, is that such outreaches are in the majority done from lower levels of belief than desirable and either cannot be answered at all by the divine realm because of insufficient belief or will be answered by the darkness seeing that individual floundering and wanting to make things worse for them—that is the dynamic underway.

It is certainly the case for the vast majority of channelers reaching out to the divine. These are not weak, emotionally disturbed individuals. They are almost all reasonably healthy and well‑balanced in other respects. Their failing is not believing in the divine sufficiently or to trust their first foray into the beyond, doing so without safeguards in requesting divine protection for the exercise, and then being co-opted by an imposter and the relationship builds from there. Their false conclusion as a channeler is that they have the reach to commune with divine beings, so why would they change what they do? They simply proceed from there in an unprotected way and never second-guess themselves or their results. That is perfectly understandable because of the fact the imposters are quite careful to only let through sweetness and light for the most part. This creates a false sense of security because it is exactly what the channeler is expecting to hear and will feel rewarded and quite satisfied and happy with their capability as a channeler. Unfortunately, they and all who follow them are victims of this deception that leaves them in a cul-de-sac where they will be ineffectual in truly helping anyone.