DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsThe secular headwinds are strong, and appear to be growing stronger. Can Creator share with us how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can turn this trend around, in time to save humanity from the encroaching darkness?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Your question suddenly turns things quite dark here, in alluding to there being serious problems far beyond probing into what science is doing and perhaps missing in its approach, and the assumptions made from data obtained in relatively primitive ways and without a deeper understanding of the origin of things. In a sense, scientists condemn themselves to being primitive life forms by ignoring lines of evidence they are actually greater in origin, makeup, and potential achievement. The reason that is so is not they are stupid, it is that they are being minded by overseers to keep them limited, so they are going around in circles, not asking the right questions, and ignoring lines of evidence that would be productive in leading them out of their culdesac to a wider arena that is rich with discoverable knowledge, but they will never stumble on it going about it the way they are.


This is a deliberate manipulation done by interlopers, who were physical extraterrestrials, corrupted by dark spirit attachments to be devoid of morality and disconnected from the divine. This is a very profound experiment of nature completely missed by science because of disbelief of such things as spirits, and will ignore any evidence of their existence because it does not fit current scientific dogma. The scientists themselves are manipulated to disbelieve such things and ignore such evidence; it is a kind of mind lock that controls what happens to limit them. So, unfortunately, science is of little use for true scientific advancement, only churning much of the same knowledge to see if they can squeeze more juice out of the orange, so to speak, when there is a whole wide universe yet to be explored and taken advantage of for expansion of knowledge and human capability. Your reach is only as great as your beliefs, both in the divine and yourselves. This is why Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are being brought forth through your channel to assist you in changing the world for the better. You will never escape your controllers without divine help—it is that simple.


This is because there is no time to waste. Your controllers are tired of toying with you and want to leave and destroy humanity as a parting shot. They loathe you, as a lesser species, in their view. Your resistance to manipulation, your defiance to rise up again and again, wanting something good to happen, irks them greatly and they simply do not understand you because they are atheists and, as a consequence, loveless, because they have cut themselves off from their origin and are no longer able to receive guidance from the divine realm, nor to feel love in any form. This is not only sad, it is dangerous to be around because they are relentless predators, they are savage, and they are engaged in wholesale depravity. They are using your suffering as an amusement and a sporting endeavor to start things like wars going, to see which side will destroy the other, and enjoy the contest because the stakes are so high for you and not them, and it is a testament to the power they hold, and that is their only source of satisfaction. It is an empty life they live and you are in harm’s way because of it. You need to have these beings raised up so they will leave and let you have time to heal—that is the only way you will continue as a species.


You need Empowered Prayer, working in concert with many other humans, and for many of you to become Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioners, to do healing sessions for this problem and its component parts. That is all built into this Protocol and can be engaged with by anyone, as long as they hold belief in the divine and feel worthy to get divine assistance for themselves, and the benefit of humanity using the Protocol adds healing energy to turn the problem around. And if enough of that outreach is done from the human side it will be the answer to the prayers of humanity made again and again, down through the ages, with all the suffering from the many travails, the many scourges, and natural disasters of all kinds, all of which are engineered by the interlopers and have left a legacy of tremendous karmic damage in their wake. This is weighing on humanity heavily, individually and collectively, but it is healable, and so is the depravity in your overseers. It is the only hope, to raise them up as a high priority so you have time to heal them and escape the physical plane that traps you with your tormentors, and keeps you a victim over and over again through multiple lifetimes as you reincarnate to continue your work, but often simply fall prey to being victimized, and only grow the problem and not a solution.


That solution has been discovered and brought forth by your channel. If you heed these words and embrace this work, and add your energies, you will be that much closer to turning things around for the better. This will stand for all time as the greatest of human achievements, but it will depend on you and many others to join the enterprise and add their voices to the request for divine intervention. It is a test of you to see, can humanity survive even this most desperate of straits, where you have been sidelined for so long and reduced to such a state of vulnerability, and widespread ignorance about the problem of evil, its origins, and how it is being launched against you on a daily basis, especially the subliminal programming and manipulation of your own minds to hold many faulty beliefs that hold you down and hold you back? That is quite a lot to reckon with, and that is why you need divine help. You cannot do this on your own. You do not have the wherewithal nor the understanding of how to go about it, to have the deep karmic repair and healing needed to deal with these other beings who are not human to begin with. A rescue is required and requires special handling; if you choose to take action, you can change your destiny for the better, and the destiny of all of humanity—there is no better use for your time and energy than that.