DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsA prolonged and detailed study of famous mediums has uncovered an unusual collection of observations and anecdotes that hint at what life is like in the light, as well as the scope of impact and influence the departed have on the living. One of the recurring themes hinted at by more than one medium is the notion that the departed sometimes intervene to protect the living. A woman receiving a reading by a famous medium (Caputo, Season 6, Episode 2) was told her recently deceased husband protected her in a catastrophic automobile accident. The woman had fallen asleep and had a head-on collision with a semi-truck. The car was utterly destroyed, but she walked away without a scratch. Did her “deceased husband” actually protect her, or was this story an exaggerated assertion, to mask the more complicated divine intervention of her higher self, and angels? What role did the deceased husband ACTUALLY play, if any?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is an accurate communication from that being in the light, that he literally saved his wife. The reason that is so is because he was watching over her personally, as a light being, and saw the accident in her future, and petitioned Creator to do something to prevent her demise. It was decided that because the role in helping her would address some karmic business between the two parties, and would allow the wife to accomplish things still undone that would not be the case if her life, too, was shortened by an unfortunate accidental death, a way to balance things more favorably would be to save her from death. So she would go through the accident and its trauma but would live unharmed and gain the benefit of the life extension, and this would be a direct result of the husband in the light repaying a karmic debt he owed from being careless in prior times together when he died young and she suffered as a result. So this was some good spiritual capital being invested for the both of them, that divine grace would allow a reckoning to rebalance things in a way that would help both parties gain. So he was not instrumental in going down and shielding her personally from the impact of the collision, that was done by a team of angelic beings on the scene, having been included in the discussions so they were well-positioned and used the necessary energies to keep her safe even though her car around her was demolished.

There are many stories of such happenings that seem like a miracle because they, indeed, are a miracle. There is always a story behind what happens, but this rarely is perceived and documented in a way that could provide an understanding, even for the direct participants, let alone a wider audience. You will see and hear of more and more miracles in the coming days because many who are praying for a divine intervention to help humanity, being under threat as it is, have requested this. So any divine revelations people can relate to, in terms of being rescued, will help the cause of the divine and the divine human to gain broader support with more humans participating in a prayerful outreach to the divine when it is sorely needed.