DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingThe viewer asks: “Would I benefit from receiving deep subconscious channeling and trauma resolution work and/or learning how to do LHP sessions to help quit marijuana use and cigarette smoking?”
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

The simple and straightforward answer is “yes” to both of these ideas. There is the possibility of getting significant healing for the substance use from deep subconscious channeling with trauma resolution to shift the inner meaning of similar experiences in other lifetimes to remove inner roadblocks to making a change. It is very hard to fight the inner subconscious when it wants something it sees as pleasurable and harmless, but that is a biased view, and working with the recollections from other lifetimes can make a significant difference in shifting the perspective.

We cannot guarantee any particular outcome but this is literally the only way to reach the key events that are helping to reinforce things. In the final analysis, there will be still a need for willpower on your behalf to overrule any remaining yearnings to indulge these habits, so there needs to be a firm resolve and discipline of the self as an adjunct here. Doing the LHP allows you to work on yourself, to continue making gains, and any time you work to help others you care about, the benefit for the practitioner, in this case yourself, will be an extra benefit because that is built into the Protocol, that the practitioner is always included as a client. This is only fitting to have a benefit from doing work to save others; after all, if the healers cannot save themselves, the whole of the world will suffer.

The third way you can help yourself is through the use of daily prayer. The Recommended Creator’s Prayers available as a free download on GetWisdom.com lays out the wording to use and the rationale for the choice of words. You can add, in addition, under the prayer for healing, to make an additional request to Source Creator to bring healing for your unhealthy habits by removing inner roadblocks to receiving divine help, and this will be an extra way to gain divine intervention working towards that outcome.