DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe wolf in sheep’s clothing implies the presence and manipulation of the “evil genius,” difficult to not only spot, but just as difficult, if not more so, to warn the fellow sheep about the wolf in their midst, leading them astray. If one only takes things at face value, they will never see beyond the costume and discern the wolf inside. What does the metaphor of the wolf in sheep’s clothing tell us about not trusting the obvious?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

We see this as a very apt metaphor representing the all too common complacency of people not seeing beneath the surface, not looking at the warning signs that something is amiss, something is not truly as represented and promised. There is a part that is missing and if they were to look more closely would see there are many connecting dots in how there is a uniform deficiency through all of human thinking and the way life is organized that promotes age-old problems to interfere again and again with the possibility of growth and expansion. You are still running your world the way it was done largely many centuries ago, through a hierarchy of power and control and a competition with one another that at times still leads to bloodshed. These are all primitive ways of thinking you have not moved beyond. The sole reason for that is not human flaws or being prone to wickedness, it is the imposition of an evil mentality manipulating and maneuvering and commandeering you to run your world as they run their worlds, through a heartless scheme of power and political maneuvering to gain the upper hand and crush their foes, often in a heavy-handed and heartless way.

All through history people have blamed one another and come away with the wrong conclusions, that the difficulties and challenges in life caused by human conduct are not inner weakness and an evil nature inherent in the being, but a corruption from outside humanity that has crept in and altered things to deceive and draw you in, to make you complicit, and believe it is all normal or at least unavoidable, and to accept a kind of status quo where evildoing is at least suppressed as to be not blatantly on display, but often allowed to proceed unhindered behind the scenes by a powerful elite who benefit from it personally and tolerate its existence. None of this is normal; that is why you all have a conscience. When you are not listening to the conscience, it is because of corruption to make you too insensitive to feel the warnings or too greatly in service to the ego to take them seriously, believing you are above reproach because of who you are and the power you enjoy. All such power is an illusion because it is based on corruption and cannot be held onto for long because the Law of Karma will take it away from you, if not in the current life, in a future life, or lives, where you end up with less than what others enjoy in order to rebalance the greed and non-divine self-importance you indulged in with the current life.

This is the folly of being a sheep, being complacent, and leaving the decisions and leadership to others if you cannot tell if there is a “wolf” in your midst. The gift of free will and free agency means that you have sovereignty over your being. When others deny that to you by imposing power and control, they are trampling on your divinity. In a divine world, all are equal in their freedom to excel and pursue their soul makeup and proclivities to the fullest extent of their reach because all will benefit from what they create in the doing. Everyone will win being a part of such a world. But when evil lurks behind a mask, trusting others may get you eaten. The antidote is always divine wisdom so you can see the deeper truth of things and know who you are truly dealing with. You can help the cause by spreading the word about the truth of things and that can make all the difference for your future.