DWQA QuestionsCategory: ElementalsCan elves get spirit attachments? Creator mentioned once that the elementals did not need Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions and healing to the same degree humans did. Would this extend to the elves and all nature spirits?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The elves and other elementals are not subject to attack by the dark spirits because they differ energetically, and are also more resourceful in keeping at arm’s length and preventing any kind of interference personally. This would be true of humans, all other things being equal, had they not become manipulated and corrupted long ago to be vulnerable through having their intuitive awareness dimmed to such a large extent that spirits can commandeer them and move in without any awareness this has happened other than through adverse consequences that may begin to show up, but even those will not be understood as to the cause. The elementals and their state of consciousness is more open and more intuned to the higher realms as well. They are watched over by the angelics and by Creator and if anything threatens them it will come to divine attention, and any of those beings under duress will, in effect, cry out for help and this will be answered. So the dark ones cannot really gain a foothold, not that it would help them much because these beings are small and command much, much less energy than a human being, so there would be only the tiniest of rewards for an interloper wanting to attach and possess them.