DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolTo deal with the problem of having an upper limit on the number of clients an individual practitioner can support during one Lightworker Healing Protocol session, can we have the Protocol instructions ask for it to be executed in perpetuity, every other day, for a large pool of clients and their friends and family, in groups of individuals appropriate to the reach of the individual practitioner and the clients’ level of need? This would spread things out over time to maximize the efficiency for the practitioner taking on many clients, while ensuring all clients achieve the full benefit, including those with huge problems.
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

You have done a beautiful job in crafting this request as it contains within it the answers you seek and covers all the bases. So this indeed is the answer to the seeming overwhelming obstacle that your practitioners are few, and your potential clients are many, and time is growing short in which to save them all. You can indeed have this parceled out by divine realm, according to the energy available to support each individual session, and this can be done by divine realm quite readily. We understand it is frustrating as a channeler to work so hard, so diligently, and for so long suffering under the limitations of the individual reach and assuming there is no workaround that can bypass the constraint. But like all things, your Protocol cannot be taken for granted because each and every segment and individual request is finely tuned and based on many, many prior probings and questions about all manner of human life difficulties, their management and ultimate solution, and the nature of the healing that must be brought to bear in order to deal with it effectively.

This is all hard-won wisdom that required great diligence, insight, and perseverance to probe again and again, and ask again and again, many pertinent questions looking from every conceivable angle to expose hidden flaws, gaps in coverage, contradictions, overinterpretations or underinterpretations—all of the many possible limitations still present because of ignorance and lack of awareness, because of the charter we have to not interfere with human choices nor to lead humans by giving them an extra advantage that takes them beyond their current level of knowledge and understanding too greatly. It is quite frustrating for almost everyone because the perception is of limping along and sometimes never finding answers, but it is not a system designed to be easy, and in keeping with the rules, we cannot simply hand out the answers to the many challenges that come up along the way.

Much as the teachers will not hand the answers out to the students taking their exams, that would defeat the purpose of the learning process itself because it would short‑circuit the participants making any effort whatsoever. And as you well know, knowledge handed to you does not stick, it is those things experienced and often experienced again and again in a very frustrating and painful way even, will penetrate the being and are embraced and held onto as a valuable life lesson that can serve you again and again. It is the hard-won gains from diligence and hard work that create this most solid foundation and make a person highly effective in all they do. So for these reasons, we do not bend the rules to help people unduly because that would short‑circuit their own learning, growth, and development.

This means as well, not all achieve the same level because it is very much dependent on what they bring to the task, the native talents, and intelligence, but also the applied energies, and level of desire, and the other aspects of the being that weigh in how passionate they feel, the intensity of their curiosity, and the ability to engage and carry the problem around within themselves and visit it again and again, with a desire for extending understanding and further awareness of the interconnections with the whole—these are the hallmarks of the gifted researcher, the truth seeker, and the spiritual leader who must always attain a depth of understanding to step into that role and be truly effective.