DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationUnlike other cases of childhood reincarnation memories, Mrs. Smith was twelve and thirteen when she received an intensive uprush of memories via dreams and visions that was extraordinary in its vividness and detail. So much so in fact, that often her notes were written in Medieval French in the distinct dialect of the southern region of France at the time of the Crusades. This was the period when Pope Innocent III called for the conversion or destruction of the Cathar heretics whose stronghold was Southern France. Can Creator share with us what precipitated this “uprush of memory” when Mrs. Smith was a young teenager?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a much more common occurrence than is recognized by society as a whole, but it is unusual, numerically speaking, because, for most individuals, past life memories are not recalled consciously, it is a closed book as far as the workings of their mind is concerned. That is why many have explored the use of deep trance hypnotic regression as an adjunct to help connect to deeply buried memories that are reachable through a part of the mind that can survey the repository of knowledge about all that happens, known as the “akashic records.” For many who have such hypnotic sessions, they will be able to recollect at least fragments of information from other lifetimes, and this is particularly so when a life involved great loss, pain, and suffering. That elevates the experience to be one of greater meaning because an energetic signature will be attached that is sort of like a fire alarm going off. When the deep part of the mind looks at the akashic records of where they have been and what they have done, those events will stand out, they will be recalled, reviewed, and worried about, and sometimes obsessively so.

In this woman’s case, the memory was resurrected not only because of its importance and direct concern by her deep subconscious as an unhealed trauma, it was preplanned before she reincarnated to meet up with her former great love, now the doctor she sought help from about her quandary in having these dark memories intrude on her life, in order to tell her story and help with a divine mission to raise awareness about the phenomena involved and the deeper meaning for human well-being and the need for healing. So this uprush of memories was facilitated by the woman’s higher self to be a catalyst for the divine mission to commence. It remained with her as a source of consternation and anguish because the memories were vivid, and some ghastly because of her tragic death, and caused her to seek help as part of the orchestration, to plant the suggestion within her mind she do so, and help to guide her to the very party who had shared the experience with her in that lifetime as a witness and collaborator in having a love relationship.