DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaVictimhood is widely equated with powerlessness. We expect victims to be powerless, fragile, distraught, and in need of protection and isolation. This seems counterintuitive if the goal is to empower victims to heal themselves to the greatest extent possible. The thinking seems to be, if we just leave victims alone, somehow their suffering will slowly evaporate and they’ll bounce back when they are ready. Once again, waiting for something to happen to them rather than making something happen themselves. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This whole scenario you describe is a sorry state of affairs perpetuated by a flawed system with little understanding of human psychology, in a true sense, and the weight of karma in the form of trauma memories lodged deeply within the energy of the individual and the makeup of humans for whom this represents a tremendous liability. The human mind is designed to never forget a threat or a wounding, but rather to retain the memory as a life lesson and any similar circumstance in the future that reminds them in any way of a prior traumatic event will stir up the old memories and bring forth stored pain from those times and places that will still be rumbling deep within the person, and give rise to physical symptoms as well as emotional ones in many, many individuals. This is a prescription for a lifetime of torment with recurring reminders of what one has been through in being harmed previously, and that is a further liability, both for victim and perpetrator, that the karmic consequences will be correspondingly magnified for whoever is responsible for setting this in motion, and then for being in a state of ignorance in how to repair things and right the wrongs brought about. This weighs as heavily on the victim as the perpetrator, as we have discussed with you previously.

This burden of emotional pain is quite real and the current mainstream therapies are wholly inadequate for reaching the deep inner trauma people carry. This is especially the case when it comes to the many, many burdens of other lifetimes, that the deep subconscious knows about and thinks about on a daily basis. So this is not a theoretical possibility applying in a few egregious cases where someone is the victim of a major criminal act. It is routinely felt by everyone, because all have lived harsh lives before and had many wrongs done against them, and will feel a resonance with any wrongdoing in the current life and fear that things will be worsening and that the horrors in other lives may, in fact, reoccur. There needs to be a much greater understanding of effective ways of healing in order to break this cycle of vulnerability, both for the victim getting in harm’s way over and over again, and the perpetrator who may fall back into a recurring pattern of wanting to dominate others, take shortcuts to serve themselves at others’ expense through theft, or giving in to aberrant emotional impulses to brutalize other people because it serves them in some way, and they have become insensitive and hardened to the suffering of others, making them extremely dangerous.

People who live lives as hardened criminals and go back to the light will one day reincarnate and as likely as not, fall back into their prior habits simply because healing has not been provided. That must take place in the earth plane, it cannot be done in the heavenly realm because the wound is on the Earth level, that part of consciousness present in the physical, and learning the wrong lessons from the wrongdoing of others, and then passing it on or staying in harm’s way through greater vulnerability and weakness. Healing is the answer, but it must be done effectively and through the assistance of the divine realm, in many cases, to reach the deep karmic level needed because the wrongs of history span a tremendous period of time beyond the current life.