DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolWe call on the divine realm to help us every time we use our Lightworker Healing Protocol. But if we can request the intentions of all humans currently in the light, and all extraterrestrials currently in the light, who want the healing of humanity and its perpetrators, as well as the fallen angelics who are in rehab, can we also request all the angels and archangels and even Creator, to add their intentions to ours and encourage all practitioners of our Protocol to include this request, to be pooled with the collective effort we are making to heal humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This as well can be done and is another brilliant insight. Doing healing through Creator and requesting the assistance of divine realm is not the same as inviting us to add our intentions on your behalf—one is a service to your intentions, the other is a joining together in common cause to pool the intentions of all in service to this goal. It is no different in the human realm when you hire someone to do work for you—their heart may or may not be in it. They may carry out their duties satisfactorily or less so depending on level of skill, level of concentration, care taken, and the desire for perfection as an added element. The work may end up being mediocre regardless of the intention being held, but is more likely to be of high quality, thorough, and effective when there is an energetic bond with the client hiring them and to whom they wish to make a contribution and make a good showing that will be not only satisfactory but well received and highly appreciated. This is a more divine level energy of expectation and intention.

The divine always works with sincerity and intensity of purpose to carry out the mechanics of the healing effort, but they are always using your fuel only, because that is what you are bringing to us as the driving force behind the healing itself. We see to the mechanics of the instruments and tools employed in the healing process, but you provide the fuel. What you are asking now is for us to add greater fuel to the task. This can be done, and is the key to further amplification here, and will help you greatly because being in the light and of the light directly in the way we are manifesting our energies, the intensity will eclipse that of human by far, so this will be a genuine breakthrough in the healing outreach and will catapult things forward dramatically.