DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWe have learned that every sentient being has a lifeline of life force energy. Is this true of every living thing—animals and plants, single-celled life forms? Does that energy emanate from Creator directly, or are there multiple sources? How do the life force energies differ among life forms, and what determines whether there is an individual, unique soul, along with a higher self intermediary, or a collective soul shared by many organisms? Can you give us a tutorial on how this is organized?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We can give you some broad outlines, but your question is truly vast in its scope. It is like asking, “What determines the form and existence and energetic interplay with what is taking place inside the human body? Is the energy the same everywhere or are there individual differences among organs and cells?” As anyone with a scientific background can tell you, life forms are exceedingly complex, much more complex than appreciated by the average person and, for quite a long period in human history, not appreciated by scientists themselves. So this is a rather new development in seeing the extreme complexity of living things, what they are composed of, and the many varied structures and functions that have an interplay to make them capable of many intricate operations, including not just remaining alive but growth and differentiation, and even replication through a wide array of strategies for reproduction of the species in question. So we will break this down for you, in some general pointers, in how the pattern of life plays out with differing levels and types of energy guiding and controlling what takes place.

Your first question is, “Does everything that is living do so because of a life force energy?” And the answer here is, “Most definitely, yes.” As the life force energy comes from the divine, this is true of everything that lives, from the smallest microbe to the largest creatures and, of course, human beings and the many varied extraterrestrial sentient beings and other life forms found elsewhere. When you think about the fact there is an overarching structure to how a life form of complexity is comprised and regulated with many varied levels of functioning, involving many types of energies, the same is true of the life force phenomenon itself—there is not one life force energy that is shared universally by everything living. There are many variations of life force energy. They have similarities and some overlapping characteristics, but many unique features that are specific to particular species and what they are designed to represent in terms of the variety of functions they may display or develop in the course of a lifetime and, of course, some life forms occur in successive stages with complex life cycles, as in the insect realm, starting from an egg that hatches into a larval form, that might form a pupa or chrysalis, and undergo a metamorphosis with an eventual emergence of an adult form that can mate and reproduce new offspring.

Indeed, the energies involved at every stage, which are all composed of living entities, are varied because the needs and purpose are varied, and everything is designed and tailor-made to be most appropriate for the need at hand and the design intended by Creator for the direction to take and the final end product. Nothing is done by accident or by chance. There are many examples in nature where a good idea was the inspiration for a better one or where two or more types of anatomical features, or physiologic pathways, were combined independently in a new fashion within a completely new life form that has those elements in common with other species, but it is essentially a reworking and repurposing of what has been shown to work to make it better or differ in some way.

The sentient beings like humans and the extraterrestrial species who are interlopers in your world, and thus of great concern for you to understand and reckon with, are a higher order of being, and in fact the highest. You are at the pinnacle of creation in that respect. So, as befits your status, you have a special life force energy that is very similar among the extraterrestrial sentient beings also, who preceded you in creation but became corrupted and needed a rescuer, and that is why you were created, to heal what has come before and deal with the problem of the fallen angels and their corruption of so many other beings which threatens the continued existence of the Free Will Galaxy you inhabit.

The sentient beings have a higher self to help as an interface with the divine realm, being that you are in the physical and, in the case of humans in particular, disconnected from the divine. This is true of the extraterrestrial species as well, by virtue of their corruption by the fallen angelics. Normally, the higher self is a gateway to direct communication, if need be, with Creator, or at least the soul extension of the higher self, to obtain further guidance and information as needed, and for the price of a thought alone. You have been corrupted to make this impossible because you cannot connect directly to your higher self any longer, and it has been that way for most of the time humans have been in existence. So you are truly coming from behind in not having that divine partner working closely with you as part of your awareness.

The life force energy for the higher self, you as a physical human extension of your soul, and the larger soul you left behind in the light are all somewhat different in characteristics. This is somewhat analogous to the fact that your genome governs many physical characteristics, and it is that coding of genetic sequences within the DNA which governs many things created within and by the body, and the form they take. There is also a higher morphogenetic field that contributes to the way life forms appear—their architecture, their overall design, and the basic pattern that governs how growth takes place and what the life form will look like once it is mature, so it has a consistent general size and appearance and makeup in terms of the organizing parts, and so on—that is not all information within the genome, but exists as a kind of life force energy itself, an aspect of consciousness, which is the common denominator.

So life force energies are highly varied, specific to organisms, and levels of organization. Most species have a collective soul shared by fellow organisms, so there is an organizing principle and life force energy emanating from that collective soul to each of the members. They exist independent of one another, functionally speaking, but have that common origin and linkage to a common repository energetically, and so they are not differentiated into unique beings to the same extent as higher life forms like humans, their companion animals, and the extraterrestrial beings who are intelligent and soul‑based as well.