DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol help everyone, human and non-human alike, become less hypocritical?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The answer for hypocrisy is a return to divine alignment. When people are in alignment, they will see clearly when something is fair and just that promotes a balanced fairness and true equality of values and what is not. When people have been corrupted, their judgment will be faulty. They cannot be expected to enact a balanced approach to much of anything because they will be inevitably biased and limited by that corruption to be insensitive to what is faulty and complacent about many things that fall short. This will create much inertia and freeze in place a standard of living that is mediocre at best and even steadily worsening with no one raising an alarm. What is needed to break free, to open the eyes of people so they can begin to see the outlines of what is wrong and what might be needed for the betterment of humanity will require much healing. This can only be done with divine help; humans simply do not have the wherewithal to do this entirely on their own—they are in too deep, they are too corrupt, they are too limited in their perspective and too biased in their judgment, and too heavily conditioned to expect the worst in things and be complacent when it happens.

Everyone can participate in turning this around and solving the problem of evil that underlies all that is wrong in your world once and for all. The corruption is succeeding because people are disconnected from the divine and do not appreciate what this costs them. They are allowing themselves to drift away from any kind of spiritual practice and losing their way in the bargain. Your very being and existence depends on the Almighty for your creation in the first place because you are literally a portion of divine consciousness allowed to be a free agent for a time as a new initiative to expand the possibilities of the universe. What you do with that freedom and the power inherent within you by virtue of this lineage will be determined by your choices, that is what freedom means, “You are on your own to do as you choose.”

People do not have the wherewithal or the knowledge to choose wisely in most respects nor how to go about building and exercising the virtues of a partnership with the divine that is required to get back on track personally and collectively. The place to start is with prayer. We have given you a series of recommended prayers to cover the bases of all that is needed for humans to become happy and successful, to empower themselves, stay protected, and receive divine guidance, healing, and protection. Through prayer, you can make the most of this divine birthright. Without it, you will flounder and you will fail. We cannot save you unless you ask to be saved; that requires your belief in us and your belief in your own worthiness to receive divine support. If you surrender to the ignorance and complacency of your current world, you are doomed. Only those who seek help will get it. If enough fail to do so, they will end up going down with the ship along with all the others who are lost.

To make this more likely to be successful, the very best you can do is to have work done on your behalf with the Lightworker Healing Protocol or learn to use it yourself because it will provide a lifelong tool to work on all that is going on with your karmic history that hinders you and set it right. It will also work in parallel on the interlopers who manipulate the world, you included, that is the very most important first step. If the perpetrators can be healed, this will remove the biggest impediment to your success and happiness. If the interlopers can be persuaded to withdraw and leave you alone, for the first time you will be able to make rapid inroads with healing on a mass scale. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is ideal for this and it will catapult you to a better future with a tremendous expansion; it is what is needed to create the actual likelihood of an ascension to raise humans into a higher dimension altogether.

Your destiny can be either with the darkness or with the light, the choice is up to you. We have given you the tools you need to make the highest and best choice to line up with the divine, raise yourselves up through healing to once again come into divine alignment. That will require our help and assistance for you but it is doable. Your power lies in the ability you have and the standing, as a birthright, to request divine assistance. All of the religious people around the world through all of history have been encouraged and enticed by the divine to seek our assistance because it is sorely needed. That has been partly successful but there has been too much corruption to disempower the religious people to fully appreciate they must do more than simply worship the divine, they must worship themselves enough to ask for divine help to make them and the world a better place and build their faith once again that the divine is real and there to help them. This is a battle you can fight and win within the privacy of your own mind and heart—it is up to you to make it happen—relying on others will lessen your chances of your own survival.