DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWe learned in previous channelings that in recognition of the importance and difficulty of the mission life Jesus was to undergo, his karmic backlog was temporarily suspended and so, in a real sense, the story he was “born without sin” is a true one. So unless Jesus accumulated karma sufficient to warrant his crucifixion in the short thirty-some years of his life, he was, in a truly genuine sense, the ultimate innocent victim. We also know the cross is a symbol of the extraterrestrials, and what they consider a sign of their control and superiority, as in: “We did this to your guy, and you’re helplessly reminded of that every time you see it.” Given this backdrop, what is Creator’s message to innocent victims everywhere?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

In many ways, the life of Jesus Christ is an example of the best and the worst that can happen. He, indeed, was an elevated being and this was purposeful to make him larger than life in order to leave others in awe, inspire them to follow his teachings, and to be an influence that could turn the tide going forward to help save humanity from the interlopers—that was his life mission and it is the life mission of each and every person hearing these words. Every person on the Earth comes down to serve the light as best they can. Some are better equipped for it than others. Many have such a huge karmic backlog they spend all their time and energy fighting their own inner difficulties, tendencies, and weaknesses, whether victim in life after life or perpetrator, or a mix of both.

The life of Jesus Christ was not perfect in every moment but was close to perfection. The idea of karma being suspended was divine grace to help favor the success of his mission so he was not facing a double penalty of fighting the darkness on the one hand, as his primary mission, and then having to fight his own inner demons, the karmic backlog of unhealed prior lifetime circumstances that could be a major impediment and represent a significant handicap in the bargain, as is true for the average person. People who incarnate incur life after life of woundings, karmic liabilities that grow because in very few lifetimes has there been opportunity for any significant healing to take place. You have simply not been shown how to do it effectively, so the karmic backlog and karmic debts pile up and make each new incarnation a greater challenge than before. This is hardly the optimum circumstance to be a warrior for the light in fighting major evil abroad in the land, but we cannot play favorites in a fair contest here, and that is the challenge you face, to see: “Can you prevail in a contest between good and evil, working on the side of the divine even when you yourselves have been wounded grievously and carry many liabilities from that past history?”

The reality of Christ’s persona was that he had lived lives previously and done acts of bravery and given great assistance to the divine. This set him up automatically to be a target of the interlopers. They see every person’s past history in the akashic records; they know who, therefore, is someone who is special in some way and someone who is more ordinary, and those who are special are given a severe series of interventions to sideline them, to keep them limited, and often by stirring up their prior karma. So to keep Christ’s karma off-limits was a deliberate strategy to make him less of a perceptible threat from the outset and to keep him focused on his primary mission, and not worrying about having health problems or relationship issues and earning a living, and so on, that can be troubled because of prior karma bringing about issues that arise and hinder a person as a karmic penalty.

Jesus Christ certainly became an iconic figure. The interlopers see this as a kind of inside joke because they promoted the use of the cross as a symbol of Christ’s suffering as a reminder and a kind of warning and discouragement for any would-be followers to make so prominent a display of what could happen to them in seeing their beloved leader nailed to a cross and murdered in a most grievous fashion. The fact that this was produced by interlopers and not desired by Jesus Christ himself, nor created by him in deliberately breaking the law in an egregious fashion to become a true criminal, he was, in that sense, an innocent victim. In the eyes of the state, he was, in fact, a political criminal, if anything. It was primarily the fact people admired him and he had a following that his enemies found intolerable. So his very success in arousing the passions of fellow humans and bringing out the goodness in them and uplifting them and inspiring them so magnificently was his undoing, because the interlopers saw that as a threat to their power and control over humanity. They want people living in fear, not living in joy and looking beyond their level to something greater. Even though they do not believe in God and see it solely as human folklore and a kind of folly, it nonetheless irks them that their great power and superiority is not, in a sense, worshiped as the ultimate in success, as they believe. Their worlds are based on power and the hierarchy of those who control it through harsh and cruel means; they live lives in a way opposite to being divine and seek to make victims of every human being.