DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionWe think of inner corruption as being impairment of moral principle, virtue, or values. Since it is assumed that no being is created “corrupt,” then inner corruption is somehow an acquired state of existence. Can Creator weigh in on this definition, as well as address the concept of “original sin” in terms of our spiritual origins as beings?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Both the concepts of inner corruption, in a broad sense, as well as the biblical notion of “original sin,” are provisional assessments, meaning they apply to people as a consequence of what has happened to them during the course of their soul journey since the time of their soul’s creation. Much can happen to a being, including the many soul extensions that undertake varied experiences and journeys through many locales throughout the universe. This has happened through the eons, for most of you are old souls, meaning you have been around longer than the universe has been in existence in its current configuration. The soul can, indeed, be corrupted in a sense by being wounded, so you can call it either term, but the representation refers to a kind of misalignment of some aspect of the soul’s existence. This is because everything has consequences and as everything is interconnected, those parts of the soul experiencing things will feed back their energies and that feedback can be positive or negative with respect to the makeup, inner alignment, and overall balance of positive and negative energies in the moment. Because the soul is vast, it is unlikely that anything befalling a soul extension can have a truly major impact that will alter the destiny of the soul in a large way, but only create a temporary impediment or liability.

We would define the concept of “original sin” as “the state of having been wounded by the onslaught of evil coming into the earth plane and interfering with humanity to a significant degree, and being a disparagement, a negative influence to lower the state of being and cause many disruptions and negative consequences that can grow in severity over time, and lead to a long-lived state of imbalance that will keep people from progressing, and compounding the injury with poor choices and a lack of wherewithal to recover in a timely way.” Once significant inner corruption has occurred, it will likely carry over into future incarnations as well. This is because your lives are, in effect, a continuum that is simply punctuated by time-out periods while you are back home in the heavenly realm in between incarnations. But as soon as you return, you will resume your journey and the Law of Karma will be in play to bring around the energies of what you have launched previously from experiences, both good and bad. So there may be blessings and rewards to enjoy, courtesy of karma from acts of kindness of yours in the past. There will likely be a larger array of negative challenges and consequences owing to the negative karma you have created or added to through ignorance and neglect in prior lifetimes that will still be in play, and will catch up to you and bring trouble your way to deal with. Karma creates this imperative for everyone, eventually. All will have a day of reckoning and often many days of reckoning. What this means is that inner corruption is a very serious matter that deserves the highest of priorities in terms of one’s time and energy being applied to useful endeavors—recovering balance and a high-level functioning will have many rewards and will prevent many calamities.